Mario Golf: Super Rush – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Die Mario Meerbusen-Serie kehrt zum ersten Mal seit dem Zeitpunkt 2003 gen Heimkonsolen zurück. Testen Sie Ihre Golffähigkeiten in Mario Meerbusen: Superbenzin Rush! Genießen Sie Meerbusen mit ….


18 Antworten : “Mario Meerbusen: Superbenzin Rush – Ankündigungstrailer – Nintendo Switch”

  1. MARIO GOLF!! Who has all star clubs for every character, I do!!!

  2. Christopher Sewell says:

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  3. Christopher Sewell says:

    Decline sorry voice in everyone blue red west Africa girlfriend daughter Jesus Gramha nanny house move Bloomfield time

  4. Michelle van den Bergh says:

    best game ever

  5. Power Jr Arsenal says:

    Who is watching this the day this game come out

  6. WhyCantWeBeFriends? says:

    No third click for accuracy = no buy

  7. ruegen says:

    0:48 she almost had a voice crack there

  8. Sebastian S says:

    I know it wont happend but I'll say it anyway: steam pls

  9. nop shifter says:

    I want the game grumos to jump in to this

  10. Lesage Chavannes says:

    I thought mario died in march 31 2021

  11. Luis Vásquez Comedy Central TV Play En Español says:

    Solo Falta 10 Dias Para Entrar El Golf Mario Golf Super Rush Gran Estreno Viernes 25 De Junio A La 9 De La Noche En Nintendo TV

  12. Sus Bruh says:

    Finally, after 7 YEARS!!

  13. Princess Peachy Blossom says:

    Pretty excited that I pre ordered Mario golf

  14. poopgirl gaming roblox says:

    I love Pauline shes here to stay ❤️

  15. Erin Cordova says:

    When does it comes out

  16. EscapingTheRealWorldGamer says:

    Must score a

    Perfect Shot.

  17. foxgloves321 says:

    Lol motion controls.

  18. RedsterTheGamer says:

    This is one of the few times you see Mario without his gloves.
    Others include:
    Mario & Sonic 2020: Water events(swimming, surfing, etc.)
    Mario Odyssey: Mario in his boxers.