PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - PS4 and PS5 - August 2021

Z. Hd. August wurden PlayStation Plus-Spiele angekündigt, d. h. kostenlose PS4- und PS5-Spiele zum Besten von nicht mehr da Plus-Mitglieder! Tennis World Tour 2 wird verfügbar sein ….


20 Antworten : “Monatliche PlayStation Plus-Spiele – PS4 und PS5 – August 2021”

  1. Don Juan says:

    This is a stunningly bad selection

  2. Dr Koolaidman says:

    Plants vs zombies is criminally underrated imo, and I heard it’s running 60 frames at 4K. And arena legends is also a gem too. Don’t sleep on those. And as far as tennis never been a fan of the games so I have nothing to say about that one. I have a ps5 Btw and really intrigued to see how planet vs zombies play.

  3. Warvvolf says:

    "I just bought that game." Doesn't apply this month.

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  5. Jarrod Lane says:

    Anyone else not able to add PvZ to their library. It wants me to pay or subscribe to EA.

    I have an active PS+ membership and was able to add both other games to my library with no issue.

  6. Fiery Tiger Gaming says:

    as if people needed any more evidence that PlayStation's "For the Payers"

  7. Harsh Jhandi says:

    I have pbz and I care less about tennis but I’ve been waiting for hunters arena and It looks sick

  8. bendy and the ink machine final fantasy machine says:

    people think how many more royal battles or similar to a battle royale will be released on ps4 exactly ps4,?????

  9. bendy and the ink machine final fantasy machine says:

    lyudi kak dumayeti skol'ko yeshcho korolevskikh bitv ili pokhozhiye na batl royal' vyydet na ps4 imenno ps4???

  10. Lefteris Sinodinos says:

    My ps4 says that i have to pay for this games what should i do

  11. Bruce Leroy says:

    Hunter arenas legend seems legit I’ll skip the rest though

  12. Mandy Moses says:

    Where are the games for Adults ,these are all little kids games.

  13. Kameron Burrell says:

    This is going to be awesome

  14. I'm relatively new to the PS4, only having bought one in April and tbh I pretty pissed off with PS Plus because so far the only two decent games for me have been Battlefield 4 and Rogue Squadron and I'm even more pissed off because I only discovered EA Play a day or two after I bought a PS Plus annual pass and saw that they were free on that too! Considering that they seem to give away two games a month couldn't they at least make sure that one of them has a single player mode? I bought PS Now at the same time and that was far better value and I'll be renewing that and EA Play next year but probably not PS Plus!

  15. cCursed Gaming says:

    yay another as$ selection of ps plus games ,–,

  16. DEUS SALT says:

    Looks like a selection from Wal-Mart's $5 movie bin.

  17. XP Adventurer says:

    Not impressive this month.

  18. Garrett's Apple and N U T Crumble says:

    A battle royale, an Overwatch clone and… wooow a tennis game, that's… subpar.

  19. Bomber boy says:

    Meh I’ll just ignore them

  20. TonyHamilton Ck says:

    I've thought about getting an Xbox just because of ps plus drops alone. It's always garbage and usually from ps now (and it sat in ps now for about a year)