Naruto SUN Storm 3 Full Burst - PS3/X360/PC - Kabuto joins the fray (Japan Expo 2013)

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 ist zurück mit vielen neuen Inhalten und einem neuen spielbaren Persönlichkeit: Kabuto Sage! Mit verbesserten Schnittszenen, 100 neue ….


23 Antworten : “Naruto SUN Storm 3 Full Burst – PS3 / X360 / PC – Kabuto schließt sich dem Kampf an (Nippon Expo 2013)”

  1. Ricardo Mattos says:

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  2. HIDDENRAINN says:

    I don't care how the graphics look. I want to play as naruto 🙂

  3. victor carrasco says:

    como puedo tener la full burst en el

  4. victor carrasco says:

    como puedo tener la full burst en el

  5. victor carrasco says:

    como puedo tener la full burst en el

  6. kaito shion says:

    is full burst possible to be added into the original ultimate ninja storm 3 or do I have to buy the new version and finish the game all over again

  7. I think this game needs a clash system. if 2 people jutsu or ultimate at each other at the same time, there should be some kind of (cinematic?) moment where there's a struggle between the two, and idk the two players button mash or something until someone wins. That would be a lot better than the characters sliding backwards a little when they cancel… very anticlimactic. Storm Revolution should add this.

  8. Mahammed Said says:

    i download the full burst but i didn't get those dlc costumes why

  9. EpicPCGaming says:

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  10. Arama gamer says:

    muy buen video amigo si os mola a todos naruto pasaros por mi canal yo tambien subo naruto XD

  11. Add me on Ps3 if you're fan of this KevinAddams

  12. TheOfficialCrazyGamer says:

    This game looks awesome especially that it is in HD 😀 

  13. Death1000xD says:

    Ya me  lo pasé todo
    me resulto complicado vencer a kabuto :c
    pero al final pude T-T

  14. Nero the Demon Hunter says:

    The trailer shows very recent parts of the Anime Cough Cough Kabuto ~ lucky I caught up with the Anime first mm..

  15. Restrozofficial says:

    Assassinonacid yes

  16. animemaster says:

    The worst game I ever played

  17. BestQS1v1's says:

    Maybe the costumes are only for full burst


  19. Andrea Kokomeci says:

    i love this game 🙂

  20. Legojake94 says:

    ok so i bought the damn thing, but didntget any costumes wtf

  21. STORM MASTER says:

     when will comes out Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst disc in Europe?

  22. Ferdinan Dinan says:

    wow just wow

  23. manuel de jesus aguirre rayos says:

    Ya salio en mexico