Need for Speed Most Wanted | Launch Trailer

Es ist dieser begehrteste Trailer. Schauen Sie sich die heißesten Autos dieser Welt an, die durch die offene Welt streifen, spielen Sie mit dieser Polizei und kommen Sie aus dieser Mode. Anschnallen, zuschlagen ….


31 Antworten : “Need for Speed ​​am meisten gesucht | Lass den Trailer laufen”

  1. Ishan A. Francis says:

    Game was really good but things missing were some jdms or classic cars (1995-2005) and car customisation

  2. Avneet Kaur says:

    Best game till date

  3. Krish Puthran says:

    You get busted: Panik
    You can just replay the event: Kalm
    Your not in Need for Speed: Panik

  4. Lowe ASMR says:

    Thsi is the best racing game and it got the best soundtrack

  5. Rohan Rupesh says:

    The soundtrack's not as good as the classic.

  6. GTA5MASTER 1987 says:

    It’s been 9 nine years almost 10 years and I still got it just like the good old days on Xbox 360

  7. Mr Thawne says:

    Can we play it on ps4?

  8. Minal Bansode says:

    Best racing game

  9. King Gaming says:

    Now I'm on ps4

  10. King Gaming says:

    I used to play this in my Xbox 360

  11. King Gaming says:

    Definitely remember it

  12. King Beats says:

    0:21 that lamboooooo

  13. Rebecca R6 says:

    Needs to come back to ps5

  14. Demonic Prince says:

    Good old times

  15. Renault Sport R.S. 01 TV says:

    0:05 Intro

  16. Driftracerr35 says:

    NFS Cash Grab

  17. Toxic_Visuals21 says:

    2021 still playing

  18. Hydra_Gaming__Official says:

    This game is good and it matches the words "most wanted" more then the first one tbh

  19. Tedster says:

    This game was SO ahead of its time. Absolutely loved it!

  20. Juan Esteban Vásquez says:

    Juegaso lo jugaba en o Xbox 360 y me tiraba toda la noche jugando ❤️☹️

  21. undead Reaper says:

    This game taught me everything in need for speed

  22. Nash 123 says:

    No police officers were harmed during the production of this video

  23. Szymon G says:

    I have spend so much time in this game

  24. RX GAMING says:

    One of the best games for PC

  25. Kenneth Williams says:

    Back here in 2021. I miss this game still fun to play

  26. OmerNFS says:

    les goooooo

  27. JuiceBox24✔ says:

    This is the best game EA made not even lying in this time EA made the best game now it isnt but still EA made the best game back then

  28. likecrayfish says:

    This was made in 2012 and NFS rivals was made iñ 2013 rivals has such a graphic bosst

  29. Владимир Крысенко says:

    My lovely game with legendary cars

  30. Benjamin Sharpe says:

    0:39 TONIGHT, on Top Gear…

  31. This game is great for relaxing.