NEW Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE !

In diesem Video geht es um den neuen Nintendo Switch ESHOP-Verkauf pro welche Woche. Viele ESHOP-Spiele möglich sein taktgesteuert in den Verkauf. Hier sind 15 Spiele, die Sie ….


18 Antworten : “NEUER SALE Nintendo Switch ESHOP!”

  1. Veronica Panella says:

    I am kind of interested in Rollercoaster Tycoon, but I have Planet Coaster on Steam, so I can just wait until the Steam Deck comes out to play it on handheld.

  2. Daniel Misner says:

    Monster Boy is SO GOOD!

  3. John Lizarraga says:

    Velocity looks cool

  4. Chorio Geek says:

    Muy malos juegos

  5. EinsamPibroch278 says:

    Funny how Monster Boy looks like the Boy version of Shantae, while the lion transformation is basically Lion-O from Thunder Cats, complete with Red Mane and sword.

  6. lil one Bates says:

    Ad Picture ??

  7. BialyBrC says:

    IMO add metacritic rating to every game

  8. Shekinah K says:

    Just wondering. Could you leave the title of the game up during its entire sequence? Or again at the last 5 seconds?
    I find games I'm unfamiliar with, by the end I know I want it and rewind. Love your channel!!

  9. 8-bit Steve says:

    Most of the stuff there doesn't interest me. if only RCT3 was RCT2, I'd snap it up.

  10. wisnu dw says:

    Shadowverse is a blast,, just playing 6 hours non stop..

  11. Masked Head says:


  12. Roland Reichenbach says:

    best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, crash drive 3, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface, SOON: nascar heat, advance wars

  13. Matuscara says:

    blasphemous is a top game, monster boy also fine

  14. Chromelium says:

    man, God eater looks good but I dinnt really play online or with friends.

  15. Bimo Chittarista says:

    what games on the thumbnail?

  16. Flower N64 says:

    Target will have a BOGO sale on Nintendo digital gift cards tomorrow, just a friendly reminder if you want to get Sonic Forces or God Eater

  17. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Nothing good but thank SP for showing this your the Best!!!

  18. Rudolph Mendoza says: