Baby Groot - Don't Push This Button Clip (2017) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Jener offizielle Filmclip „Guardians of the Galaxy of St. 2 “2017 | Subskribieren ➤ | Streifen Chris Pratt #Trailer | Veröffentlichung: 5. Mai 2017 ….


28 Antworten : “Neugeborenes Groot – Don’t Push This Button Clip (2017) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

  1. KinoCheck International says:

    To see the new #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy2 Trailer check this ➤

  2. Holden Caulfield says:

    This is me, but with my ex's number in my cell.

  3. Krick Koach says:

    Just like haribahadur saying "कुन पैसा?"

  4. awesomegirl5 says:

    Baby Groot is so cute

  5. Rudra Narayan says:

    U r not groot,u r cutie

  6. Bacon Bacon says:

    Ok in the thumbnail baby groot looks creepy

  7. Brocksirello says:

    i am groot

  8. djmocha7 says:

    You’re making him nervous!

  9. Viona Gracia says:

    Baby groot is so cute : i,am groot!

  10. Groot for life I am groooooot

  11. Vincenzo1985 M says:

    Baby Groot is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  12. Frank Black says:

    too funny…if you dont love the groot you suck lol

  13. Joshua DeSimone says:

    I am Grooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. MISSqueen channel says:

    I have search for this for whole 3 years. Damn

  15. clockwize says:

    I wish they would have keept that part in the movie when he screams I am root when he runs away!

  16. Neil Fraser says:

    Lol this movie was worth watching about 7 times lol and I watched it that many times

  17. Sjdeanrpb says:

    Rocket faces the burdens of parenthood.

  18. Forever Knight says:

    I really hope there is a alternate ending when baby groot push the wrong button.

  19. Samantha Parker says:

    So cute

  20. Tri borg says:

    Guardians of the Galaxy: exists

    Tik tok: it's free real estate

  21. Amanda G. says:

    Patrick: touch

  22. Dilan Cucaj says:

    Ahh… good times 😀

  23. AyiN SabaX says:

    The fate of universs lies on your shoulders.
    What ever you do, dont press this button.

    Cause that'll set of the bomb immediately, and we'll all be dead!

    …Now, repeat back what i just said

    "Im groot/press this button."

    No! That's the button that'll kill everyone. Try again…

    "Im groot, im groot… IM GROOT."

    Nooo! That's exactly what you've just said, how's this even possible?

  24. Jimmy boy Videos911 says:

    Baby groot is my hero. They should make a movie with just him in it or as the main character

  25. Lukeypup95 Movies says:

    Best part of the movie, period!


  27. Aoi Dragneel nanana says:

    Why'd they fire the director? It's gold!

  28. Dilara ŞİMŞEK says:

    Bu tatlı şey yahudileri saklayacak olan gargat ağacı olmasın, you are groottt ???