New to Xbox Game Pass for August 2021

Whether you’ve been itching to get your hands on Hölle, Twelve Minutes, or Psychonauts 2, Xbox Game Reisepass is the gift that just keeps on giving. But beyond those heavy hitters, there’s still a ton coming to Game Reisepass in August as well as a few that will be exiting the service. It’s a good-sized list but we’ve got you covered, this is everything coming to and leaving Xbox Game Reisepass for PC, Console, and Cloud in August 2021.

On August 5th alone, there are multiple games joining the service including Curse of the Dead Gods, Dodgeball Academia, Katamari Damacy Reroll, and Starmancer. IGN’s 2020 Game of the Year finally comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|Schwefel and will be hitting Game Reisepass on day one. Finally, two brand new games, Twelve minutes and Psychonauts 2, will mithin be hitting the service on release day.

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