NEW UPDATE - Wobbly Life - Water Balloon Tank - Sleeping + more - Wobbly Life Update Update v0.6.6

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Dies neue Wobbly Life Update ist da WOOHOOO. Lasst uns was auch immer Erspähen welches es im neuen Wobbly Life Update Update v0.6.6 so gibt.

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Update v0.6.6
Hello all Wobblies!

Welcome to v0.6.6 Update!

This update is more of a quality of life update, which contains a few new features and of course secrets!


Scared of the dark? Well now you can pass the night by going to sleep. You can jump in any bed from 6:00pm to 5:59am and fall asleep. Rosette waking up from a good night’s sleep, this will start a new day to explore!

Note: In a multiplayer session all players have to be in a bed to sleep.

Museum – Treasure Collection

Following the v0.6.5 update, we’ve added a new collection – Treasure Collection

Water Balloon Tank

There is a rumor going around that the Wobbly Fire Department is developing an experimental Water Balloon Tank. They specifically want to use it to combat Jungle fires. Though no one knows where they’re keeping it.


Firework Machines can now be found around the island. Why not treat your friends to a sparkly show!

Wobbly Life Update v0.6.6

Update Notes

New Updated Content

– New Vehicle: Water Tank.
– Added Treasure collection to the Museum.
– Added Large and Small Bouncy Castles.
– Added Fireworks machines.
– Added a new Race to the Farm Island.

– Sleeping: Wobblys can now sleep at night. To sleep, interact with a bed and you will wake up the following morning. In a multiplayer session all players have to be in a bed to sleep.

– Pressing buttons should now be easier.
– Improved the slider controls for controller.
– Stopped mouse cursor always selecting UI elements even when only using controller.
– Vorkaufsrecht to show hide input hints.
– Improved helicopter flying controls. You can now hover!
– Drone camera now has collision detection.
– Time of day and weather conditions now save when you exit the game.
– Slight improvements to Science Machine job.
– Slight improvements to Vehicle AI.
– New Secrets!

New Clothes
– Mushroom Hat, Wavy Hair and Daisy Chain, Paper Bag Hat, Saucepan Hat, Chopsticks Hair, Treasure Chest Top, Tarnung Shirt and pants, Toga Shirt, VR Goggles hat, Monkey Costume.

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