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40 Antworten : “Nintendo 3DS – Activision – Transformers Prime The Game E3-Trailer”

  1. nazi german says:

    damnnn lol i remember when i first got this game when i was 6 in my wii u….. but i miss that game

  2. nintendo switch jogos
    transformers prime the game

  3. Someone on the internet says:

    Dang I miss playing this game.

  4. Garrett Arispe says:

    What’s the name of the music used in this trailer?

  5. Gihan Mansour says:

    Nintendo. Please please please, send me a new 3ds xl, a dsi xl, ds lite, a ds, a ds xl, a 2ds, a 3ds, a nintendo 64, a wii , a wii u, a switch, and a gamecube!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really need them because I broke them and the guy says he can't fix them and I don't really want to spend money on them because I kept saving for them from the last 10 years, so please please please nintendo send me those and I swear to god I swear to god I will make gaming videos about them but just please send those consoles and mini HDMI and the things that you need to make gaming videos about them with a camera and a tripod.

  6. how to download it

  7. xAct TM says:

    This vids about to go private rip

  8. I hope this doesn't include Micheal Bay.

  9. Verito Torres says:

    I like it a lot Becouse You can play as. decepticon too

  10. Shadowsaber says:

    What is the music to this?

  11. Rarthus2 says:

    Jesus Christ fucking epic trailer for a 3DS game.

    ………I LOVE IT!

  12. robojam21 says:

    i know man he

  13. zodiark111 says:

    These graphics are just the same as the one on the wii u

  14. AlisaBosconovich says:


  15. fatalerror says:

    and by reading the title you lost The Game.

  16. jdizon1007 says:

    Its for kids. Crappy graphics and blury but I cant wait!

  17. FluffySpaceDragon says:

    it is for the 3ds

  18. DJ.Dino says:

    already pre order it 🙂

  19. izzy 92 says:

    @lickmyyoshi Really? There are young kids watching this

  20. Exo Deus says:

    then EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kaitlynn Carpenter says:


  22. Kaitlynn Carpenter says:


  23. Kaitlynn Carpenter says:

    OMIGOSH its like no one that has a youtube account can put a walk through for this out of the thousands of us geez ppl i just wanna see if i like the game…….plz if u r readin this and you have the game ppllzzzz post at least a 30 minute walk trough to see if i like it ppplllzzzz

  24. BlueBoxStudios says:

    one thing wrong with this trailer…… no cliffjumper! 🙁

  25. TheSharpmarksman says:

    well they've run out of ideas

  26. DJ.Dino says:

    when does this game come out?

  27. Really? :D! Oh yes, I saw down the bottom at the end that it is released on Wii too 😀 I need this game! 😛

  28. Mother of God…I WANT THIS! But I don't have a 3DS. Y U NO RELEASE ON THE Wii? 🙁

  29. …What are you? 13 years old?

  30. viraticwars says:

    I wish that it showed gameplay, but the cutscene graphics look freaking amazing! I would hope some level of character custimization would be used. Make-your-own-bot would be welcome too.

  31. transformersisawesom says:

    ahah that's so funny!! but i agree he's just being a jerk becuz we like TFP >:(

  32. electricheart says:

    What? No way. The first voice. It definitely sounds like a boy. Actually, as I listen to it again, it might be Raf, who just sounds a little weird. Thank you for the help anyways, though. It's much appreciated. 🙂

  33. Gregori rivaldo says:

    its arcee

  34. electricheart says:

    Who on earth is talking at the beginning? It's not Jack and it doesn't sound like Raf…

  35. poknoob1 says:


  36. poknoob1 says:

    Winxclub4evers I

  37. Kaitlynn Carpenter says:

    I read something that said you only can play as Bummblebee and Bulkhead….. it would be okay but im a girl and would like to play as Arcee better besides if you pay attention on the show shes the fasttest runner because shes small and weighs less!!

  38. Nokie OoOoO says:

    Vroom Vroom

  39. Megastarscreamer says:

    Just get Fall of Cybertron, its in the same continuity!

  40. Bowmaj21 says:

    Fair point!