Nintendo 3DS - Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam E3 2015 Trailer

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38 Antworten : “Nintendo 3DS – Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam E3 2015 Trailer”

  1. Did this game kill off the mario & luigi franchise?

  2. SasukeUchiha says:

    Anybody here in 2021

  3. Stockman007 says:

    Worth getting to complete my collection?

  4. This game looks alot more fun than Paper Mario Sticker Star and Color Splash. Heck, I just recently picked up a copy not too long ago.

  5. Matias Sanchez says:

    Where is paper luigi

  6. Rip paper luigi

  7. Gus the Goose says:

    Star Trek: Generations

  8. Mr game playz Hi says:

    This is a game that I would really love to see to come to Nintendo switch because I really enjoyed it on my 2ds and I am super ticked off that I sold it because I absolutely love this game so if Nintendo were to ever bring this game in any sort of way to the Nintendo switch I would be super happy

  9. if this was like sticker star then the game would be better i believe

  10. Hey Nintendo, now you should make a sequel to this game having Mario & Luigi return the favor and cross over into a Paper Mario game on a home console so the concept would be the invert of this game's concept and parallel it. Paper Mario is almost always on home consoles and Mario & Luigi is always on handheld consoles, so the game I described that I said you should make would be the complete opposite in every aspect.

  11. Nathan Trinh says:

    This is somewhat how a Paper Mario game SHOULD be played – not with a stupid limit of how much you attack, or some random over-innovated crap. They better go back to the style of the first two games in the future.

  12. Tzoo Tzoo says:

    This game made me curious…

    If Paper Mario's world is a paralell universe that must mean everything happened in mario's or paper mario's world too. Or, did it?

    Does that mean Paper Mario ALSO was forced to clean an island? Does that mean mario ALSO fought Bowser when he had the Star Rod? In sticker star in mario's world what happened? did Mario collect stickers? Or probably they were items. But what about ttyd and cs? What about the chest demons that teach you how to transform? As we all know, Mario can't transform in a paper plane. so what happened then? What about Cs? The shyguys were drinking paint, duh. But in the real world? Mqybe there shyguys were vampires, and Mario had a hammer that could regenareta blood? How did Things get in the paper universr? Why was Huey unflattened? Paper Mario was Also saved by yoshi? Mario met Paper Mario's partners? Does Rogueport exist? Did Paper Mario and Paper Luigi defeat Cackletta? Did they travel in time too? Can mario also flip through dimensions? Please Nintendo, answer me these questions.

  13. [Ace Attorney] Lord Fawful says:

    Лучшая рпг Марио

  14. Bruno Tacunan Castillo says:

    Em…..sonic generations ',:v?

  15. Blaz3nistical says:

    AWESOME!! Really good paper mario game. This is what color splash wish it could be

  16. running out ofideas says:

    For some reason i barely want to get this game in 2018

  17. DanTDM fan GamingRich says:

    Nintendo I thought of something you should do Mario and Luigi paper jam 2 from the ending I think Mario and Luigi went inside the book and they start a adventure in the book

  18. ThemBoxer 02 says:

    In comparison to sticker stars PJ is much better

  19. Nintendo, why do you taunt us ?!? You're obviously showing what we want in a Paper Mario game but you keep giving us these gimicks.

  20. Buzzy Trombone says:

    Who agrees that Paper Luigi should've been the main companion instead of Starlow?

  21. RedGimiGamer says:

    these games are soooooo freakin good!!

  22. TheJadog17 says:

    Idk about you but this game was hella hard to beat

  23. CatMario64U not using this channel much anymore lol says:

    1:04 Those dances…

  24. This isn't what I remember what happened to the 8-bit sprites?

  25. When I first saw this I kinda cried :')

  26. Lineal Lnc says:

    can anyone name me all the mario rpg titles, ive only played one on the gba superstar saga.

  27. tanner the skunk man says:


    what if the next game was called Mario&Luigi: Rival Ruckus
    and you controlled Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. You would use the A button for Mario, B for Luigi, Y for Wario, and X for Waluigi.

  28. Nicholas Bersito says:

    This game looks really good on the new red 3ds xl for some reason

  29. Mystic brothers trans says:

    Mario & luigi paper jam

  30. Khoimysticbros tran says:

    Mario luigi paper jam

  31. TheMaxChannel says:

    why was paper luigi not playable

  32. This game was kind of a disappointment. It was still a good game and all I'm not saying it's bad. I mean the story I feel is a bit lackluster compared to the others. And the bosses unlike the previous games are all enemies Mario has fought before. Excluding Fawful and Bowser all the bosses in the previous games were all original and unique bosses. They also removed the ability to choose which slot to upgrade more after leveling up

  33. Blue Yoshi says:

    please bring back stuffwell in the next Mario & Luigi RPG he is my favorite Mario character (aside from Fawful…)

  34. joeyservo says:

    This looks like it lacks the soul of Super Mario RPG. Looks fun but I suppose the quest to find a worthy sequel to SM RPG will continue as it has since 1996.

  35. Super Luigi Bloxxer says:

    Did they ever go in the paper Mario world I feel like this is based off a game I remember

  36. ricardo cardenas says:

    that game is not worth it because I just realize dream team was the same thing as that not worth it pass…I WISH IT HAD ONLINE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN COOL BUT NO THIS GAME WAS RELEASED EARLY PEOPLE DON'T BUY IT

  37. Verna Walker says:


  38. this game is fun when you start to play it but when you done whit it you want to play it again but why do you want to play it again, i already have this game and i already done whit it but i dont want to do the whole game again because you know now what is going to happend but am telling the true about this, it took me almost a year to finish this game the finale boss is dificult but if you are more than level 40 whit every one maybe you will be good