Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE You Need To Get Now!

In diesem Video geht es um 15 Nintendo Switch ESHOP-Verkäufe, die Sie jetzt kaufen sollen. Viele ESHOP-Spiele möglich sein taktgesteuert in den Verkauf. – Spieleliste – MONSTER ….


27 Antworten : “NINTendo SWITCH ESHOP SALE, dasjenige du jetzt kaufen musst!”

  1. Phantom Strikers was awesome

  2. Why are these sales only from the EShop? Like seriously Nintendo. I already already have zero room for more games? Is there any way to get more?

  3. Bizon Photography says:

    Same shit .. different day

  4. Ricky Pedia says:

    Never heard of Bug Fables, but seeing the Paper Mario ganeplay makes me want it

  5. Miguel Jimenez says:

    Bug fables is an awesome game, easy recommendation to anyone that loved paper mario.

  6. cant believe undertale is on sale, times r good, been waiting an awful skeleTON of time

  7. TalesOfGod # says:

    I already like Fate Extella (the story can be played alone but it is best experienced if you had played Fate Extra beforehand) so I am considering picking up Fate Extella Link.

  8. Matuscara says:

    Is persona worth it ?

  9. Jay Marsden says:

    Managed to snag ni no kuni 1. Looking forward to it

  10. Emma Delisi says:

    This shop sale is amazing! Looked at it just a couple hours ago

  11. If only Neir was available❤.

  12. Echo Rockmore says:

    I would never get crash 4 again. That game is way too difficult for no reason

  13. Spiritfairer is a must buy

  14. Кирилл ник says:

    Overcooked 2 my choice

  15. ChiefMedicPururu says:

    No Dead Cells?

  16. just purchased MH rise at full price 1 week ago. fuck

  17. Roland Reichenbach says:

    best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, warface, crash drive 3, nfs hot pursuit, splatoon 2, grid autosport, worms rumble

  18. Gaile Oxstain says:

    Shin Megami Tensei is basically Pokemon for adults and hardcore RPG fans that don't want to be treated with kid gloves in terms of difficulty. Highly recommended. Also, Bug Fables is basically the Paper Mario sequel fans have been begging Nintendo for years but never got. Well worth your time and money even outside of the sale.

  19. Check griftlands

  20. Miguel Torres Montalvo says:

    Which should I buy? I mean, what game here is worth it??

  21. karellan1978 says:

    is my favorite musou game. The story is ass, but the gameplay is WAY more fun than any Warriors game I've played.

  22. Dazziano Colucci says:

    Witcher 3 is brilliant.

  23. Khareem Carr says:

    Is Witcher 3 any good? I mean on switch, I know it's apparently a masterpiece..

  24. Fahmi Mtw says:

    I got myself:
    – HADES
    – Battle Chaser
    – Ni no kuni 1
    – and overcooked
    For $50 that is a catch for me 🙂

  25. Flower N64 says:

    Bug Fables was created by someone who really loves Paper Mario huh?

  26. 4.0

  27. Feral Flare says: