Official Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Story Trailer

Am 25. zehnter Monat des Jahres, wenn die Welt in Gefahr ist, sollen Sie sich die Hände waschen, um die Welt sauber zu halten. In einer verzweifelten Mission, Captain Price und SAS ….


27 Antworten : “Offizieller Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Story-Trailer”

  1. Jonathan Roy says:

    recent times in Afghanistan, makes this game more possible irl

  2. 2022 now!

  3. Clone Trooper says:

    If only I knew a they would turn this game into another battle Royale I wouldn’t buy could until it died

  4. Russian Doll says:

    I'm not a gamer but I really really love CoD franchise I hope they make an awesome animated series or smth, it will be awesome

  5. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had in a cod campaign!

  6. Arjun S Kumar says:

    Let's stop the Hunted so we Cannot get Hunt down by our Predator

  7. Stryker 1 says:

    This would make a great movie

  8. Lord Eddy says:

    Almost 2 years later and this still remains the best cod

  9. For me, the third best career ever

  10. Romanian_Guy7.62 says:

    Battlefield 1 “we have created the greatest trailer ever”

    Captain Price and task force 141 “hold my beer”

  11. Karan Odedara says:

    Can't wait for the second game!

  12. Greatest campaighn ever

  13. cod3name_ blackw0lf says:

    If you cant identify the target

    Then you are the target
    -Cpt John Price

  14. Akdalton 8 says:

    1:11 anyone else notice that in the campaign hadir had a gun pointed at the wolf but in the trailer he wasnt there

  15. AM99 AM99 says:

    Its sad that cold war is in the same universe with the masterpiece modern warfare cold war ruin the story because is bad game two different games cw is fornite and mw is real military shooter

  16. joliecide says:

    Please please release a Price bundle with his Piccadilly skin!

    And please Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or Apple… Make a Modern Warfare CG animated series.

  17. Adewunmi Adeyemi says:

    Remember… Switching your to reloading is faster than sidearm.

  18. utkarsh Sharma says:

    1:52 and here comes the scene and oh yeah we crashed a helicopter again xD

  19. ĀTŁÂŠ says:

    2 years later, still a great game in my opinion

  20. Rohini Mathur says:

    I don't think there was any need to put a female character

  21. axolotl says:

    Has anyone ever played cod so much that you’ve had a dream, thought, or vision about all the events from cod 4, mw2, mw3, and mw2, mw 2019, and I guess the zombies storyline happened irl cause I have

  22. Amah Umar says:

    I highly recommend 360sheiltec on 1G for helping me retrieve my hacked account

  23. IRON MAN says:

    Name : cpt. Price
    Designation: priceless

  24. IRON MAN says:

    And there are people calling themselves gamer after playing pubg

  25. Gaming Theater / مسرح الجيمنج says:

    black ops cold war campaign is better.

  26. Hi I'm Boyfriend says:

    Of you can't identify the target then you are the target.

  27. PS4 gaming says:

    This honestly looks a little better than cold war