Official Launch Trailer - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Sehen Sie sich den Einführungstrailer zu The Witcher 3: Wildtier Hunt an. Sieh dir The Witcher 3: Wildtier Hunt hinauf an! ….


20 Antworten : “Offizieller Launch-Trailer – The Witcher 3: Wildtier Hunt”

  1. Dutch Doggo says:

    only 10 hours in and im already in love

  2. Intoxicated611 says:

    One of the best gametrailers i have ever seen!!

  3. I played this game for a while now level 24 and apparently i never seen the trailer so here i am

  4. Alex Kirby says:

    Such an amazing game man!

  5. Ervin Medina says:

    I am afraid to finish this game because my life ends the moment i finish it.

  6. Was worth the 300+ hours invested. Still one of the all time best.

  7. Gamer Buffy says:

    Name of song pls 🙂

  8. Иван Грозный says:

    shit crying again

  9. Apollo N9ne says:

    Guard – The eternal fire is supposed to protect us
    Geralt – looks like your flame went out a few times

  10. Rufus Dogma says:

    Just coming back to watch this beautiful trailer again. I wish I could relive this whole game experience.

  11. Nikos Papantoniou says:

    best game ever!!

  12. Unnatural09 says:

    This game begs the question, should games really be this perfect. You will never look at games the same way again, this game will take a part of you with it once you fully complete it. Not because of issues with gameplay or storyline, but because it's perfect and you know subconsciously that you won't find anything better.

  13. cyberpunk>all games

  14. Fossilsnake says:

    Six years later and I cant stop watching this trailer and missing The Witcher 3 like a friend who I haven't seen in years

  15. go muscu P says:

    Man… 6 years already.. time flies.. remember watching it like it was yesterday

  16. Floigenkaspar says:

    Seeing how difficult it was too make Cyberpunk 2077 and how it turned out, makes it feel like a miracle that The Witcher 3 happened.

  17. Dolton Noak says:

    This song is Hershel Greene´s song too, another great character. EPIC!

  18. Triss Merigold says:

    This is not the game of the decade

    it's game of the decades*

  19. Julius Raben says:

    New marker
    Notice board

    That hit the spot

  20. ariakas07 says:

    My yearly tradition has started again: another playthrough of this masterpiece. One of the best games I've ever played.