Need for Speed™ Heat Official Reveal Trailer

Rennen Sie untertags und riskieren Sie die Gesamtheit zusammen mit Nacht in Need for Speed™ Heat, einem aufregenden Rennerlebnis, zusammen mit dem Sie gegen die schurkische Stadtpolizei übernehmen… .


40 Antworten : “Offizieller Need for Speed™ Heat-Trailer”

  1. MARTIN GARRIX 7 says:

    Every time i watch this trailer i got goosebumps

  2. MARTIN GARRIX 7 says:

    Best car racing game is Need for Speed, sorry forza!

  3. Vishnu Ravi says:

    The dialogues are poor

  4. Jonathon Yuma says:

    I have over 2000 hours on this game….

  5. S_p_e_e_d _f_r_e_a_k says:

    0:18 We all know that reference

  6. vattaz12 says:

    Man its such a disappointment that they didn’t update the game I hope the next game will be worth wasting nfs heat for not updating

  7. RaPloky says:

    Goosebumps me every time

  8. Arfoxer says:

    We would get the new Nfs trailer at the same day?

  9. Dylan Healy says:

    i know this sounds crazy but can we get this to a million likes?

  10. Kelly d says:

    Imagine needing to install origin to launch a f#cking game bought on steam.I hate EA with every fiber in my body.

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  12. Canal Genérico says:

    Almost 3 years after this trailer released, and i still think this looks awesome

  13. Leo2playing says:

    When i bored, i watch the trailer

    So i can have the hype to play this game again

  14. BoLa Official says: Need For Speed Rivals

  15. Vanquisher says:

    I have completed it without getting busted

  16. help a poor soul grow with a follow

  17. Kartik Ghawalkar says:

    People complaining the supra isn't in a need for speed game

    Am I joke to you?

  18. I cant manage to find the song with the guitar intro. Pls somebody help

  19. Inna the cleaner Inna the cleaner says:


  20. Coco_cola_is_to_mach kilyushik says:


  21. doom guy says:

    İ dont understand why ea raplace devoloper criterion than ghost games… Nfs heat best nfs after underground 2 and most wanted 2005

  22. This game got the potential to be another great NFS game after a long time, but they decide to kill the game way too quickly

  23. IceClipz says:


  24. Dinheirisses says:

    Free for amazon subscribers in 2 days

  25. Linda Kabaso says:

    Love the game

  26. Bikolano Gamer says:

    Next NFS will be revealed sometime in August this year.

  27. Benjamin Banna says:

    ez egy szar játék

  28. Wolf95 forever says:

    Where nfs 2022 ea???

  29. samurai3000 says:

    put toyota supra pls

  30. Normal Child says:

    Young man we are driving with that icon
    Te ablo

  31. "You know how fast you were goin?"

    Not fast enough.

  32. Dion Mar84 says:

    Im so excited.

  33. NFS Beast says:

    Rest In Peace, EA Ghost. And thank you for ALL your games, I enjoyed them all. Rivals through Heat all have enjoyable moments and are worth playing.
    Thanks again, and Godspeed to all the talented devs.

  34. This gave me shivers this is so good

  35. Malicious Clouds says:

    Please add more support options for sim users. Cockpit cam, button mapping, simulation steering, better force feedback etc etc.

  36. hyupsy channel says:

    Imagine nfs Collab Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift 2

  37. Jean Luis Castro says:

    I hate Ana's voice!

  38. Evaldas Mureika says:

    After watching racing NFS reviews, it's unclear which NFS game should be chosen by a player. Everyone must know about cars more than they can know, because a car is less affordable than a game. Having a car with American football helmet instead of a bumper and having Supra at your disposal. Epic games just help to share it with everyone in a specific region. What players want is a beautiful campaign girl, to make them feel – they aren't alone.

  39. guy with no good haircut says:

    1:29 "all you had to do was lose the damn heat CJ"