PASSENGERS Clip & Trailer (2016)

Offizieller Filmclip und Trailer „Passengers“ 2016 | Subskribieren ➤ | Streifen Chris Pratt #Trailer | Veröffentlichung: 21. Monat der Wintersonnenwende 2016 ….


19 Antworten : “PASSAGIER Clip & Trailer (2016)”

  1. علوش العراقي says:

    من طرف يوميات واحد عراقي

  2. Sofia Moreno says:

    that freestyle hurt my swimmer's soul

  3. Rubaiya akter Alia says:

    The is my favorite movie

  4. Timothy Liang says:

    Too many questions… i can't even enjoy this trailer…

  5. Littlebird Niemandd says:

    i dont know what to wrote in this comment…

  6. Corrado Orazi says:

    Would Tess phase a bath in a gravity-free pool ??? … anything is possible !!! …

  7. Валентина Дикова says:

    1:22 shit thats AVO HES GONNA KILL YOU!

  8. Jean-Pierre De Vent says:

    Just saw it on TV, was immediately completely sold by the super high tech visuals, never seen anything so believable and advanced, forget Star Trek. The rest is also o.k. although this will no doubt have haters. Sometimes it's a little bit sweet and sugary but not too long, not too much. And Jennifer Lawrence never looked more handsome than here.

  9. Im here because of chris pratt anyone else???

  10. chandan sahu says:

    hindi m movie ka link bhejo

  11. Goodest Cat says:

    2:23 when i saw this trailer the first time and saw him glitchin out i got legit scared

    robot looks like human

    in abyss of space


    no thank you

  12. I just watched it… wow

  13. Steve Wertz says:

    It's very interesting movie, with a lot of interesting scenario maybe about if we will have this possibility to fly. I use boxxy software to watch it.

  14. Folasade Oladokun says:

    He could have just found a way to train Arthur to use the controls and seal them both in the med pod. He is a mechanic, tweaked the floor robot. Arthur was already sophisticated robot. Wouldn't have been that hard

  15. Surender Sahu ji with Surender says:

    Sahi tha

  16. Hi Pintu Mahapatra says:

    plz hindi me full moves upled karo

  17. Sohail Fahad says:

    Plz dubbed in Hindi

  18. Meeeh! Another Hollywood movie that uses explosions as fillers.

  19. Roland Pen says:

    If you want a movie with conflict, space exploration, romance, and sci-fi…this movie is for you. I enjoyed Passengers a lot. It's not perfect though. The spaceship is beautiful from both the outside and the inside, and you get the impression that future technology is really fantastic. Watched it using my boxxy software.