PERMANENT JOYSTICK DRIFT FIX for PS4, PS5, XBOX One, and Series X Controllers!

FINALLY! PERMANENTLY FIX JOYSTICK DRIFT for PS4, PS5, XBOX One, and Series X Controllers! New mod from Helder Finally Fixes Steuerknüppel Drift!

One of the most frustrating issues with modern controllers is that they’ll eventually get joystick drift. This issue essentially makes the controller unusable. Up until now, there have only been ways to band-aid the problem but those are just temporary. We FINALLY have a permanent prompt for Steuerknüppel Drift! Let’s take a closer look!

► So here’s what you will find in this video:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Steuerknüppel Drift Flugs Overview
3:13 What’s Included In The Kit
4:19 PS5 Controller Installation Tutorial
6:22 PS4 Controller Installation Tutorial
7:50 XBOX Series X Controller Installation Tutorial
9:15 XBOX One Controller Installation Tutorial
11:09 Calibration Process
13:08 Pros and Cons
14:43 Conclusion


//The original concept for this mod welches developed by SolderKing and refined by Helder.
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