Pilot Training - Multicrew

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43 Antworten : “Pilotenausbildung – Multi-Mitglied”

  1. Fatal Exception says:

    It would be cool if the multicrew could also drive the Scarabs. It's pretty strange to not allow that considering that some hangars have space for up to 4 scarabs.

  2. Deven Cooper says:

    Need the ability to let anyone select a destination, because if you are being chased or in a high risk situation where the pilot needs to focus, someone else can lock a destination

  3. Informed Choice says:

    Multi Crew… arrrrgh… nuff said!

  4. SWIFTO_SCYTHE says:

    How do you re-dock a fighter back into the mothership??

  5. Farcry Primal says:

    My cokpit states smoking and Said overheat what skall i do? I am new

  6. you should be able to drive SRV's in multicrew

  7. Xvelliseraptor says:

    I dont have the find crew Menu or any of it

  8. So Crates says:

    Get tutorial, but how do you get it actually function? Yay space legs. 3 Years later this shits still broken.

  9. ProChargedLS2 says:

    I don't have that option under the friends tab 🙁

  10. G-Stance Da Demigod says:

    So…we getting multi crew SRV access yet or..?

  11. Nightwing690 says:

    Can you hire NPCs to control turreted weapons in solo mode?

  12. Morten Bund says:

    Would be helpful if you didn't always remove the functions

  13. FIXFOTO CINEMA says:

    failed to join multi crew?? how to??

  14. Marius Jacobs says:

    I dont get it I dont have those buttons. I am in an Adder and my friend wants to join me. I dont get where the hell the simple instructions are. Everything for this game is such a fucking mission to try figure out

  15. Furkan Efe TĂŒreç says:

    Shepard? is that you?

  16. Spitfire 2103 says:

    wow they need 6mins to tell us multicrew is basically useless

  17. i still dont know how to use the turrets

  18. Soulcommander says:

    Just curious no comments for over a year is this game pretty much dead? Or no?

  19. I wish we could walk inside and out of the ship on our own 2 legs :-

  20. hektikheck says:

    I really want to use the 3rd person interface while solo pls

  21. xtrmlyparalyzed says:

    this is so useless. copilot cant do anything. for what is this

  22. Andi Wand says:

    You guys should really sit down and watch series like Star Trek and stuff and learn about Multi Crew roles on a space ship. What has that to do with a Commander if he can't command anybody to do anything on his behalf, like plotting a damn route, managing the power of the systems, all this distracting stuff a commander has to do on his own…? Awesome "Crew", up to 2 additional people sitting idle by and can use a fighter (I have NPCs for that too) or use a turreted weapon… That's it? Gosh… really lame and makes utterly no sense at all in the meaning of 'crew' – a crew shares tasks on board of a ship, a commander is in charge, but he's certainly not the one who has to do all the workload alone… He COMMANDS a ship, if there's personnel he even commands the personnel. He definitely doesn't sit there and plots routes and whatnot.. Ever heard of navigators? Weapon systems officers? That would be matching multi crew roles on a ship. But not … this. 3:50

  23. Can i play on my friends ship?

  24. Alon Eden says:

    But how do you dock a fighter?

  25. sweaty sandwich says:

    Exploration in a corvette…

  26. I thought the multicrew button was a loading simulator

  27. Ricardo Ferrari says:

    It could also work with NPCs, just like the fighters

  28. antwan1357 says:

    This is exactly what ive been waiting for i dont care that it doesnt pay well i dont care that you get penalties look all you have to do is just join in , the only one taking the risk is the helm so it makes sense he gets the reward if you want more reward just get into a cheap eagle and follow the multicrew ship as part of a wing im betting both can be stacked against envirinment if you have 5 ships in a wing dropping 1 fighter each played from players thats 10 ships not to mention the AI extra ship that could be docked making for a fleet of 5 big ships and ten fighters player controlled.

  29. Alex Wilson says:

    I'm confused how is this game so popular when everyone is complaining

  30. Only 3 ppl? It should be at least five.
    It would be great if guilds could have capital ships that could carry 10 or more ppl. Some of than manning fighters, others being gunners, etc. That would be neat!

  31. Emery Ingebretsen says:

    Do you need horizons?

  32. Freaky_Monkey says:

    How do you enter the 360 degree camera in gunner position? I don’t see an option

  33. FAKE STAR CITIZEN!!! „Oh is SE out yet?" NOOO but we are in ALPHA!!! "Nice so you are playin on 3.0, sounds fun" NOOO 3.0 ISNT OUT YET BUT 3.0 is COMING!!!!!

  34. Miloske E says:

    Any one fancys be a crew ft: GTA V W A N W A

  35. diceman199 says:

    I've only done a few sessions and twice had to kick gunners who didn't use the SCB's….500,000cr repair bills when you have 3 SCB's available are annoying

  36. Sgt Griff says:

    its so great locking it behinde an extra 30 bucks

  37. Graham Linux says:

    I wish all whining cry babies would go play somewhere else and shut up. I will carry on playing because it is the best damn space game ever.

  38. TheGuyWhoGamesAlot says:

    There should be mining fighter ships 🙂 That would be interesting multi-crew miner use.

  39. HarryTheBait says:

    What the hell with this comment section, there is no good space game in the world then. NMS is boring, ED is boring, EVE is boring, star citizen is not even out. Space theme game are meant to be like this. Come on, give some times to the Devs and just patiently play the game. Or just simply don't play any space game because they are all "boring", "underwhelming".

  40. Jonathan Prater says:

    Multi crew? What a joke of the use of the term. This is just simply gunner and that's it. No navigation and logistics nor engineering. Disappointed.

  41. earthassassin14 123 says:

    will u be making it so that ur character can get out of ur ship at any point

  42. what if im new and still dont know everything bout the game or what to do? just stay away till i learn everything?

  43. Theodore1106 says: