PS5 | Tips for Locked Games

Wenn Spiele gen Ihrer PS5-Mauervorsprung mit einem Vorhängeschlosssymbol gekennzeichnet sind, befolgen Sie ebendiese Tipps. Selbige Meldung wird angezeigt, wenn Sie versuchen, sie zu spielen. „Dieser Inhalt kann nicht verwendet werden.


34 Antworten : “PS5 | Tipps für jedes gesperrte Spiele”

  1. Danial Patane says:

    I have a ? Can I put my own pictures on the background on the PS5 can I get my own themes on PS5 and are you guys making a PS6 and are you guys done making PlayStation consoles?

  2. Adam Aoudali says:

    Thanks man/girl can you please add all star battle royale to PS4 and ps5

  3. Mahmoud Nader says:

    How about the ability to unlock 60 FPS without the devs need ?

  4. ilovetech1 says:

    Another reason why digital games SUCK !!!

  5. Ric G Fleurs says:

    Like keeping your games locked to your own hardware?

    We buy PlayStations for a reason.

  6. Palahwgwcw says:

    What about tips how to get PS5?

  7. Fraser Gardner says:

    Can u share games from ps5 to ps5

  8. Login with the account that purchased the game? Yeah that’s not so easy because since PS4 it’s not shown anymore which account owns a game. On PS3 it told you which account bought a certain game.

  9. Ideenlos says:

    Ok but when can I buy one ?

  10. HeyitsmeUzi says:

    Why do they get locked anyways?

  11. Setsuna F. Seiei says:


  12. Where are my themes

  13. baxterboys80 says:

    Plz add themes

  14. YellowMiner12 says:

    i needed this

  15. Welp, goodbye game share for my poor friends

  16. Deadshot 0-3-2 says:

    Yea, but I claimed a game from ps plus but it won't let me download it

  17. So it's the SAME as PS4….

  18. yoav the yoshi says:

    vib ribbon

  19. FOREVUH CLIPS says:


  20. Nick Edwards19 says:

    Hey can yall make a video on where the web browser is? i see that there is a section in the settings that mentions a web browser but i can find even under the search tab.

  21. JayzBeerz says:

    Change the extra storage format. A 2TB NVME SSD is $450.00 the price of the console.

  22. Kamreezy22 says:

    There is no reason to make these kind of videos because most people don’t have a PS5 only scalpers.

  23. MrGreatness929 says:

    You know what you need to do? Answer to our question over Twitter @AskPlaystation because we spend our money buying your systems but it is so hard to get help from you.

  24. about time they finally made a video

  25. XDWavey XD says:

    4 years to late

  26. Add themes and fix the party chat system

  27. clockw1se says:


  28. Fix the stick drift…

  29. Ghostkiller 605 says:

    Ok but what if you don’t have WiFi

  30. Ultimate President says:

    Love this voice

  31. Sam Fisher says:


  32. Preston Ball says:

    ladies and gentlemen we’ve been caught

  33. Obeysxb says:


  34. ZYAD_mz says: