Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

Sieh dir welche Lehrbuch zu Red Dead Redemption 2 in 4K an, die ausschließlich aus In-Game-Filmmaterial aufgenommen wurde. Red Dead Redemption 2 nähert sich am 26. zehnter Monat des Jahres ….


19 Antworten : “Red Dead Redemption 2: Offizielles Gameplay-Video”

  1. DASH64 says:

    I wish we could still have gang members join us for random jobs in free roam.

    Wish they had a "Done when its done" approach. This game needed that

  2. X The Unsuspected Record Label says:

    That Micah feller seems like a cool guy!

  3. 5:25 is weird because that’s the exact way people rode in rdr1 but in game it’s different

  4. TheTechPoTaToCHIP says:

    This is how companies should do gameplay trailers. Just edit in short clips from interesting moments throughout the game. I hate all those vertical slice “demos” that are so obviously edited and scripted to look more dense and interesting than the game actually is.

  5. Geraldd says:

    2:54 is that the same voice actor from baldr in gow 4?

  6. Valadhiel Gaming says:


  7. Annabella Carraro says:

    hi this videos en fturr
    the biggest

  8. PRAVEEN KUMAR says:

    The best game I ever played

  9. Navid Inan says:

    1:49 which mission is it?

  10. SAKETH KUMAR says:

    Just bought this masterpiece on sale can wait to spend another part of my life on this

  11. Alessa Lee Ébon says:

    I think this will be the next game I'll play after finishing Death Stranding

  12. Antonio Pennarello says:

    Giving this game the title of Game of the Year is a treat for her.

    It's the Game of the Age.

  13. Naveed Ahmad says:

    Rockstar sure has focus to details

  14. Well, we can all safely assume that no game will ever come close to being this good. Especially any game from CDPR.

  15. J Bunn says:

    Best game ever!!!!!!!

  16. Drtopo says:

    This makes me want to play this game again


  18. Kai Sotto says:

    "You're as beautiful as the day I first played you."

  19. Farid Diaz says:

    For me this is The Best game so far.