Rocket League® - Xbox One Launch Trailer

In dieser preisgekrönten Fortsetzung des physik-fokussierten Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Car trifft Leder wieder aufs Gondeln! …


29 Antworten : “Rocket League® – Xbox One Launch-Trailer”

  1. Man the nostalgia

  2. Chocolate Rulez1 says:

    My favorite game 3yrs ago until 2020/2021 it got ruined everything change and that’s where I stop playing

  3. AnneMarie Beltzer says:

    Is this a single player on Xbox One?

  4. Szilvia Márton says:


  5. Glizzy box says:

    I’m watching this in 2020 POG

  6. Anonymous says:

    This changed me forever

  7. Keeva Grace says:


  8. It's been a good 3 years

  9. And what does PS4 get?You really don’t wanna know

  10. Subhi Aljassar says:

    Make new stuff plz

  11. Xbox 360 ?

  12. It Will be awesome ir Xbox And Play Station players can play together 🙂

  13. Wolf Pack Gaming says:

    Waiting to see one of these for the Nintendo switch version launch!! 😉

  14. JuSteve_ssb says:

    I can't wait to get it on the switch

  15. Need I XBOX LIVE ?

  16. Bdawg 690 says:

    So many ball chasers in this video

  17. RBK OFFICIEL says:


  18. T-REX Harris says:

    What a happy day this was for me! Still just as addicted to it today!

  19. Kennedyetta Johnson says:

    can rocket legue be for free on android please

  20. They have 2 exclusives, so why don't they make one more exclusive for PS4 if they can? I'm sure that maybe a kart from ModNation Racers, Crash Tag Team Racing or LittleBigPlanet Karting can make its way in.

  21. Thomas Studholme says:

    Now I get why I had to pay £16. Because it came with the DLC packs xD

  22. smokepurpp says:


  23. NatureXwars says:

    That 6-wheeled Armadillo looks siiick, unfortunately I can only get that ugly Sweet Tooth truck….

  24. Mr. Slayr says:

    when is ps3 and xbox 360 coming??

  25. People are complaining how Xbox One gets the DLC free, but here on PS4 we got the whole game free, 1 year earlier, lol.

  26. Alpha Music says:

    I want the Ammadillo and the other car too! D:

  27. também a gente deveria ter uma dlc exclusive

  28. porque pra gente do ps4 no is free ??

  29. Dude.. I'm a PC player and i think the free dlc's are fair, yet it's like a 50:1 ratio of people talking about the free dlc's vs the no cross play. That cross play sucks, that's why i probs wouldn't get it. Also i don't have an xbox one