Nerf Blasters Floating Island Battle | Dude Perfect

Nerf-Kämpfe sind hinauf dem Wasser ERSTAUNLICH! Besonderer Danksagung geht an Nerf für jedes dies Sponsoring dieses Videos! ▻ Klicken Sie HIER, um jeglicher NEUEN Nerf-Blaster anzuzeigen! ….


30 Antworten : “Schlacht hinauf dieser schwimmenden Insel dieser Nerf-Blaster | Perfekter Kumpel”

  1. Dude Perfect says:

    Pumped you guys loved the vid!
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  2. Dark Assassin 69 says:

    Problem is they lose all the darts in the ocean

  3. Dude perfect you have the coolest videos but please dont have music it‘s so annoying

  4. Amir SALEH says:

    That looks so fun

  5. Tristan Petrut says:

    This vid sucks

  6. Stocki says:

    Ich will auch dikka Sadge

  7. Mike's mini man cave says:


  8. Wyatt Howard says:

    Dude perfect You Are Awsome With 90 Million Views I Am So Proud Of You

  9. Brock Burgess says:


  10. murray wanda says:

    The grandiose refrigerator legally stuff because separated suddenly include but a venomous shingle. naive, towering glue

  11. Da Boss Is not you says:

    Tie wins

  12. Will Evans says:

    Jesus loves you all

  13. Kevin C. Weems says:

    3:39 REVENGE!

  14. Lauren McPherson says:


  15. Ardi Golloshi says:

    πλακα μου κανεις το λατρεβω

  16. SZADOŁ says:

    Wy kurde z Polski

  17. Rohan Gupte says:


  18. BMW FAN1000 says:

    I have a Nerf gun the one where it loads in from the back

  19. I be like Toot toot says:


  20. Miguel Sanchez says:

    Happy birthday Twin. Ir my mom brithday to

  21. Tikhon Scott says:

    this is exactly how i remember it when i was 7 when it came out… 10 year old me still loves this, i dont know why, its just an amazing video.

  22. lokie laloo says:

    The momentous orange lilly retire because mine directly invite worth a protective enquiry. hapless, agreeable lathe

  23. Alpaca E says:

    I’ve been on one of those

  24. Shunda Taylor says:


  25. Gaming George says:

    Littering a bit

  26. On the first round TT being the rage monster really helped.

  27. Carlo Gigliotti says:

    special 25 million

  28. Jan Smith says:
  29. Nickeisha Rowe says:

    4:00 900 IQ move

  30. Tristan Sauer says:

    Did anyone recognize during the intro Club with the seed through gun had his mag fall off the