Marvel's Avengers Game | War Table Story Breakdown & More!

Holen Sie sich jetzt Ihren Kode! Division des Kriegstisches in Marvel’s Avengers. Welches ist los? RBG hier zurück mit ….


34 Antworten : “Spiel Marvel’s Avengers | Kriegstisch-Story-Zeitplan und mehr!”

  1. Banchalem Tibebu says:


  2. Mickye Hardy says:

    Maybe that’s what Captain Marvel is trynna figure out , if the Kree did give MODOK the Crystal in order to make it look like the Avengers did everything when it was all planned even certain people getting powers and maybe she’ll be a big part of that .

  3. Michael Berg says:

    Better not be true that she's the only protagonist. Hello I found out she's Muslim and when I wear the word Muslim I see the word Terrorist.

  4. BrankoP85 says:

    Well, as soon as i heard that this was another Live Service game, such as GR Breakpoint or Anthem, i canceled my pre-order!!!

  5. Damion Gonzales says:

    Just an FYI, "Delhi, India" is not pronounced "Dell Hi" its Deli (yes like the place on the corner where they make the sandwiches).

  6. ultimateblaze23 says:

    The story looks better than the MCU. Actual colour grading, mood lightning and a serious tone in a Marvel story, I forgot how good Marvel could be.

  7. This game is purdy!

  8. Minato Namikaze says:

    Only thing I'm worried is the FPS

  9. Brad Clark says:

    Wait… Kamala said in the MODOK threat trailer that Tarleton not only locked Captain America in the reactor room, but also tried to hijack the Chimera. Everything we know so far is based on what we’ve seen and heard, but what if we were wrong? What if the reactor didn’t explode on its own? What if we were wrong, and Rogers deliberately blew the reactor to stop Tarleton from taking the Chimera? It could’ve been part of a bigger plan he had. Like how to take down MODOK.

  10. King David says:

    Let's be real … characters like Miles & Kamalah Khan get a lot of heat because they're not white.

  11. King David says:

    I just hope we start getting Stan Lee cameos in these Marvel games.

  12. Just look at the new lego sets they are indirectly tied with the game. So far Hawkeye, captain marvel, MODOK, and Hulkbuster were revealed for the game, there also in the lego sets.

  13. Samson Biggz says:

    Did you really just say Del-Hi India? Bro, your gaming knowledge is next level but I think you gotta work on them geography skills.

  14. Gamborimbo says:

    already preordered it on Steam, im ready to play as Thor.

  15. I think it'd be cool if they had the Fantastic Four get their superpowers by the terrigen Mist that way it can find a way into the story of Marvel's Avengers

  16. Justin Allen says:

    Lol lol this dude call her powers goofy. Brooooo. ( I was gonna say n*gga but there no way to verify the authenticity of my blackness, so yeah) lol.

  17. Otto von Doom says:

    2:05 Which anime are these clips from?

  18. David Biri says:

    Cinematics look decent but the gameplay looks like a PS3 game

  19. Rawan Mohammad says:

    is cap gonna be dead for the rest of the game ?

  20. mattzx77 says:

    It looks like a good game but I cant get behind it yet. Too many broken promises by Devs since forever. Ive heard only Cosmetics in the cash shop but that doesnt mean they wont add ptw a month or two after launch. Its sad that its gotten to the point where you cant trust what Devs say about their game cause it usually lies

  21. Tyler MB says:

    I thought the guy who had multiple arms was Yellow Jacket lol

  22. Random Nerd says:

    I would love to have ghost rider, maybe nick fury both versions of him. I really dont like the character designs, black widow's face looks awkward

  23. Everett Esteban says:

    What's up everybody my name is Everett and I'm visually impaired completely and I just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of this Avengers name if you're wondering how I know what these characters look like it's cuz I recently acquired the Marvel Legends Abomination build a figure wave and I got Captain America and I love his design Iron Man I love is designed to Kamala Khan I loved her design it just is essentially the same costing more matted hair looks more realistic and I love the Abomination build a figure I can't wait to get the Hulk Black Widow and the other characters there are a few YouTubers who will there's one YouTuber her who makes a lot of videos about this game but he doesn't like it at the same time and he's full of s*** how much wanted to give everybody a heads up so you know but yeah I can't wait for this game and Avengers Assemble oh and I do apologize everybody if this voice if this text comes out weird it's not me it's cuz my phone has voice over and so sometimes the voice-over didn't get everything so I do apologize for that

  24. cant wait for rocket raccoon with groot, if u played marvel heroes omega u will know how fun he is, hes shooting plasma beam and some huge rocket,

  25. marketing is too much focusing on thor and kamala, i already watched all clips and gameplay ironman looks underwhelming, ironman gameplay looks boring he should shooting rockets in all direction, hes skill set should be laser skil tree and rocket skill tree, they need to watch some marvel heroes omega to get some idea of the heroes skill. but even tho ironman looks boring i will still main him once the game is release.

  26. Craven Vella says:

    i wish that modok looked different, like he is genuinely dangerous and a good villain but hard to be intimidated by an overgrown lima bean with a face

  27. jalen matthew says:

    The game seems meh right now.

  28. RBG the devs confirmed that spider man ps4 and avengers aren't in the same universe.

  29. Operator 7 says:

    Earth Mightiest Heroes has the best Modok

  30. Tom GENEREAU says:

    What game are the very last CGI from? We see Iron man and Captain Marvel fighting and all the rest. quite curious about that

  31. If we get any X-men characters i might buy the game

  32. Music Man19684 says:

    Honestly I think it would’ve been better if it was just the OG Avengers in this game like the OG 6 (Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Thor) then in the next game have Kamala as a character

  33. I hope theres some kinda twist where cap does survive because its not an avengers game without captain America and if he is dead that would be disappointing but the game will still be great

  34. Julian Mederos says:

    I’m Pretty sure They said there would be some PlayStation exclusivity when it comes to dlc. So I think it’s possible to include Marvel Spider Man connection