SQUID GAME Explained: Your WTF Questions Answered | Why It Was Created & The Front Man + BenQ W1800i

SQUID GAME erklärt: Ihre WTF-Fragen beantwortet Warum es entstanden ist, welcher Frontmann und welches Gi-Hun jetzt macht. Wir teilen ….


47 Antworten : “SQUID GAME erklärt: Ihre WTF-Fragen beantwortet Warum Frontman + BenQ W1800i entwickelt wurde”

  1. Heavy Spoilers says:

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  2. James Cook says:

    For those who don't know the difference between USD and Won, the 45.6 billion won Gi-Hun won is worth about 38.3 million USD.

    So no, they definitely would not still need a job.

  3. 4Glory137 says:

    I think the cop is still alive, I think in season 2 him and gi hun team up to take the games down

  4. Revati10 says:

    I've noticed that 001 is the only participant that doesn't have debt when he was introduced.

  5. danny muggleton says:

    90% advert. Weak video

  6. James Harris says:

    When 456 hangs up the phone and decides not to board the plane, you can briefly see a red suit in the background, which hints that he would’ve either been killed or transferred back to the island

  7. Typho0nify says:

    As an alternative theory. The front man perspective to the game might not be as negative as we thought. Instead he is looking at the game as a final salvation for gambler and those deemed degenerates by society as a whole to have one last fair chance to turn it all around, though their wager will be the most valuable thing they have left. This is evident by the fact that he said to the group harvesting organs to sell to the Chinese that he doesn't care if they eats them or sell them for a profit, but the fact that they help the doctor cheated in the process deserve punishment and he then gave the players a public apology afterwards to let him know he failed them.

    Also, Il-Nam might have done these games more than once, as evident by the files shown that player 001 has been left out almost every single year that the game is played. Either that, or it allows for the VIP to have a special backstage experience, like actually be in the game show itself instead of watching it from a television. If you look closely, there are safety caution behind built into the games for these VIP's if they joined. In the end of Tug of War, Il-nam did not have the locks on the rope like other players and he was taken out before the Glass Bridge, which would be deemed too dangerous for any safety measures

  8. Equanex says:

    i mean the guy on the phone said "player 456, just get on the plane its for your own good" but if u look closely u can see that the engine isnt working so the plane is probably trapped by the frontman or something so they can get rid of him so he doesnt expose them

  9. awsomeguy001 says:

    Bit of a weird thing to put out there but why were all the VIPs from Western countries and none of them Korean? What could that be saying?

  10. Xochitl Flores says:

    Great explanation!!

  11. Kate Rushton says:

    I loved Squid Games but would have preferred it if the VIPs next spoke. Keep them silent and more mysterious.

  12. Greg's Stuff says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else sees the guard’s clothing as pink or cyclamen rather then RED????

  13. Dylan Klann says:

    We actually learned that In Ho did win them

  14. Bradley says:

    The money won is equivalent to about 40 mil usd

  15. Gnarly Narina says:

    The old man was his dad

  16. I don’t think you can say humans subject animals to games and compare horse racing in which the animals get exercise despite taking whips and generally do not die if they fail to squid game

  17. Baytone says:

    There was a scene where Il Nam asked Gi Hun what date it was and when Gi Hun said it was the 24th, Il Nam said its almost his sons birthday. In the first episode gi hun revealed his birthday to be on the 26th according to the pin he tried using to access his mothers debit card.

  18. Chinsaku San says:

    Squid Game is basically just Gambling Apocalypse: Kaiji

  19. Why wasn’t any of the contents family’s wondering about them?
    Where’d the money come from?
    And when and who decided to make the game take the turn (since they’ve played it before?)?
    And how did Gi know the PIN number when he checked the card
    And I’d really love a backstory for the men in pink

  20. Fred Batten says:

    why didn't the big thug guy rob the recruiter? that's more his style…

  21. Joe Campos says:

    Did you see the Mephisto reference?

  22. buecher packen says:

    Maybe somebody already wrote it but Gi-Hun did gamble on a human life in that last episode with Il-Nam. I wondered why he didnt help the man on the street himself as he should have done. Therefore i also believe he‘ll get close to becoming a part of the game later on

  23. MamaBear IsThere says:

    I haven't watched squid game yet but watching these spoilers make me want to buy Netflix and get to watch it right away! Hopefully, if they do a season 2 they get it right! I know a lot of series that ended up getting multiple seasons just never was a match for the first one.

  24. skeleton bunny says:

    Ill-Nam "sacrificed" himself because Gi-un was the only one who cared about him and kept him safe. He even give him a jacket when he peed himself so others wouldn't make fun of him. Ill-nam could have just killed Gi-un and continued the game but he didn't

  25. Muhammed :D says:

    Türkçe neden yok ki

  26. Ronariverah says:

    The Front man "made it" so is a believer in the system.

  27. Ronariverah says:

    So Willy Wonka?

  28. I wonder if the the front man is trying to defeat the games from the inside, everything may just be an elaborate plan to destroy the game. The front man was also a champion like the main character.

  29. Nice video but please leave out the product review or do it in a separate video.

  30. Do you think the initial red square/ blue square game a rigged? Is the red square weighted so it will be harder to flip, but have more force to flip the blue square?

  31. ChesspiecefaceOO says:

    you spend 3.5 mins on advertising, and about 8 minutes recapping your own previous videos, and maybe 1 minute saying something new in a 13 min video? This is garbage content.

  32. novaWRX says:

    It’s frustrating that none of these “ending explained” reviews made an effort to learn about Korean social and cultural norms, the abandonment and reinforcement of which are such a huge part of the meaning of the show

  33. Squid Game is just Willy Wonka.

  34. Yanto Dh says:

    rubish theory. if anything, gi-hun has progressed throughout the series to show more and more of his humanity, even deciding to help his old friend at the end and let go of the prize money. but now u re saying he's going to replace il nam and become head of the whole thing??? what a waste of the entire first season building him up as a decent man then.

    and that theory of gi-hun being il-nam's long lost son is so beyond stupid i just cant be bothered to counter it.

  35. Marco Lewhite says:

    The prize money in Canadian currency is close to 50 Million, so yeah its alot but its not like it cant be all spent fairly quick

  36. jimmyolsenblues says:

    I finished squid game and came here first.

  37. TheRealKjay says:

    Man screw Il nam. I cried for his bitch ass when i thought he got killed. Come to find out the whole thing was his doing. smdh.. What a great show.

  38. Stedy Marconi says:

    Is actually showed clearly that In-Ho won his edition of the game; his brother found a list of Round 6 winners and saw In-Ho's name, that why he went straight for the folder with his info as a player.

  39. Jadore246 says:

    I noticed a lot of subliminal occult messaging throughout the show – the black & white checkerboard in the final dining scene, the golden masks for the VIPs reminiscent of the masonic Rothschild surrealist parties, interesting to see that the game maker has an owl as his animal of choice. [associated with wisdom and knowledge but also the secret society of the bohemian grove].

  40. MrJayLaroche says:

    Joon-ho IS the frontman, they did Tyler durden fight club type of story…. look at all the clues

  41. Trevor Delepine says:

    I just kinda assumed the old man was the man in charge from the red light green light game, he was enjoying it too much and its a twist used often enough to just kinda expect it now. The cops brother being the front man, When he showed up as a past winner I thought the brother would likely be one of the people working for the games, I didn’t specifically guess front man, but if he won and had all that money why would he never have gone home? So his brother would never have been looking for him.

  42. Senpai Plays says:

    Who designed the Doll?

  43. Davon_Koo says:

    In my opinion, there are little bit of SAW reference in Squid game… Creator of game has a tumor (ILNAM & JIGSAW). Jigsaw also participated in his own game(Saw 1st). They all want to play a game. Lastly, a creepy doll (Green light & red light doll & Jigsaw puppet)

  44. Alice Catore says:

    If you watch Red Light Green Light carefully, a woman gets shot literally next to il Nam and he's not budged or shocked by seeing it (he even ignores the massacre and keeps smiling)…it's like he is "used to it" or seen it before, so he focuses on the game itself. It's another hint that he's involved.

  45. survivor turnover says:

    season 2 gonna be astronomical

  46. Peter Austin says:

    He was shot on the right side versus his brother on the left. Most likely dead imo

  47. Ringkun Mori says:

    I hate the inclusion of the vips, it makes the intention of the game so cynical while weakening the game maker's intentions.