STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

STORY OF THE SEASON: Friends of Tafelwasser Town ist ein komplettes Remake, dasjenige die magische und manchmal mysteriöse Welt von Tafelwasser Town mit ….


18 Antworten : “STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Tafelwasser Town – Launch-Trailer – Nintendo Switch”

  1. Isoldenz says:

    God I should have gotten this one instead of pioneer of olive town

  2. reza dwiputra says:

    I dont have nintendo so i missed this game update :v how the F Gray and Rick become handsome guy. I still fall in love with Ann anyway :*

  3. Cainã Morellato says:


  4. Kristoph Sams says:

    What's great about this is this is a remake of a remake. Back To Nature, released in 2000 on N64/PS1, was remade on Gameboy in 2003 as Friends of Mineral Town which was remade again on the Switch. For those who were alive to play the original this is almost a must for any Harvest Moon collection. My only gripe about this game is the characters haven't evolved beyond the childlike appearance. Most of the modern games have a modern look on them, but this one is keeping the original, which is not a bad thing.

  5. The Stealthy Bomber says:

    This trailer is so adorable. The game is really fun and cute!

  6. Whyyy is the Doraemon version of Story of Seasons on PS4 but not Friends of Mineral Town?? It's infuriating! I can only hope the upcoming SoS Pioneers of Olive Town comes on PS4…

  7. goose bumps says:

    This game is great!!!! I love it,thanks marvelous.Please remake harvest moon a wonderfull life

  8. Hypnomatic Hypnosis says:

    Friends of Mineral Town was my favorite HM I cannot wait to play this on switch.

  9. Pedro Cardoso says:

    F*** this chibi ****.

  10. genival almeida says:

    show de bola !!!!!

  11. Rora Roman Ramos says:

    To be honest this is the remake of Harvest moon Back to nature ….in this is super cool

  12. wotari says:

    is this game good for non-gamers?

  13. Kibe's Channel says:

    I'm very thankful that the ORIGINAL DEVELOPER'S does not end this Game. I HOPE many People knows that this game is created by the ORIGINAL DEVELOPER'S Not NATSUME

  14. FTWJohnV says:

    Popuri!!! damn i missed my gameboy advance sp!!!

  15. GuardianKiss says:

    How is this different form Pioneers of Olive Town? It looks basically the same.
    But then again, I love PokéMon and that is mostly the same every game, so who am I to judge…

    So while writing this question and me not coming over dumb, I did some research: This game is a remake of the Harvest Moon game on the GBA.
    And I am guessing Story of Seasons – Pioneers of Olive Town is the follow-up game to this?
    I am guessing this is a nostalgic game like when they remade PokéMon Red/Blue.

    To each its own I guess.

  16. Mary Jovelle Santiago says:

    If you guys like this I highly suggest Rune Factory 4

  17. tiffany rance says:

    So is just like the GBA version?

  18. 4ce O Sp4des says:

    I remember when i use to play this game on psx like 20 years ago. was one of the most amazing games. i was expecting of you having some changes.. and release it on other consoles too…