The Ascent Gameplay Deep Dive on Xbox Series X

In Betracht kommen Sie mit Neongas Giant in ihrem neuen Titel ARPG The Ascent in die Tiefsinn. Mitbegründer von Neongas Giant Arcade Höhe und Treffer Frick zusammen mit Alexander Litvinov …


33 Antworten : “Stufen Gameplay Deep Dive und Xbox Series X.”

  1. These guys are incredibly talented.

  2. Gizmo Mogwai says:

    I tried the game on Gamepass, fell in love with it and bought it. You guys did an amazing job. Ray Tracing performances should be improved tho : Rtx3070/1440p/ULTRA : I get 100-120 fps with RT off, 25-35fps with RT on, it's unplayable…..

  3. Azazel ♆ says:

    A W E S O M E, I love this game.

  4. Daniel Elias Perez says:

    I must buy it !!!!!

  5. Mystical Joffy says:

    Shame couch co-op doesn't work on console.

  6. Hurry up 10 am hurry tf up…..i cant wait!

  7. Afro Samurai! says:

    This could be the perfect 4 players couch co-op game.

  8. Thank baby Jesus for Xbox games pass.

  9. Nicle Jhon Gaudan says:

    Pro tip! I recommend to not buy this on steam. Buy it on microsoft store as it has play anywhere. buy 1 copy and you can play on both pc and console.

  10. Noel Atcheson says:

    When I saw this game initially I wasn't too bothered about it. Now that I've seen more I'm actually really looking forward to it. This could be the surprise hit of the year if it plays as good as looks.

  11. zombies8keagan says:

    1:59 Guy Fieri 2077 confirmed HELL YEAH!

  12. Yakuza's Lost Judgement says:

    will this feature shooty shooty?

  13. ChronosGaming says:

    this looks amazing!!!!!!

  14. It reminds me of Alien shooter

  15. Lord Belasco says:

    Mr. Shooty Shooty really needs to rethink that hair style, yeesh.

  16. grafiiiiiitiiii

  17. w00t cant wait. looks really alive! please let the item / stats system be just as good!

  18. Steady Rock says:

    Just hope I can play it on my 1060 3g ?

  19. Omega Point Singularity says:


  20. this game looks SO much fun!

  21. deon wyman says:

    You can tell they care

  22. Juan Garcia says:

    5 days ago we were all here…5 days passed and im here again. SOOo ready for my Shooty shooty game tomorrow!

  23. deon wyman says:

    Add me on xbox fam campking334 see yall Thursday

  24. Barisijen says:


  25. Clouds4Cheap says:

    D A Y O N E

  26. GOTY contender for me. Basically my dream ARPG.

  27. We are so close! This game looks FIRE!

  28. Hugo Ferreira de Carvalho says:

    can we use melee weapons too… or only shoot… cause I saw some bad guys with katanas and I would love to use katanas

  29. Greg OfCanada says:

    I'm pretty excited for this one.

  30. Metric Force says:

    Day one GAMEPASS. i'm there.

  31. Filthy Rando says:

    This looks sick!

  32. Stanley Keese says:

    remember xbox doesnt have games lol i cant wait for this

  33. Django77SF says:

    Remember: do not pre-order.