Tamarin - Launch Trailer | PS4

Erkunde, springe und schieße, um deine Familie vor welcher Insekteninvasion zu sichern! Springen Sie mit welcher Wendigkeit eines Tamarins uff den Weg in die nordische Wildnis, in eine Welt voller ….


37 Antworten : “Tamarin – Launch-Trailer | PS4”

  1. 4DhumanInstrumentality says:

    Just now finding out about this. The Old school Rare Ware team is out here trolling big time.

  2. Smashcop1 says:

    Thank goodness it’s rated E10+

  3. Alonso Contreras says:

    Jet Force Gemini 2

  4. note to dev's: your not going to recreate the magic of your old studio by reusing designs from older games you already made…stop trying to make spiritual successors to your old games! eaither get the rights and give us jet force gemini 2 and banjo thre-eie or come up with something original!

  5. LX BDK (If I don't reply check my acc description) says:

    I remember getting this as an ad several times, this trailer honestly made me feel like I was having a fever dream while I saw it while tired.

  6. 160sharp says:

    You can totally tell this is similar
    To jet force Gemini with the enemy designs, definitely picking it up

  7. EaterSnake101 says:

    I legit want to play this.

  8. いちごひかり says:

    This game not for children x2

  9. Desd0rit0 says:

    And I thought Bugsnax was the next knack….

  10. Martina Mishra says:

    This game really looks that cool

  11. this remember me of chicken little ps2

  12. Lannando garcía says:

    Jet force gémini remake

  13. tacmarino games says:

    Quaser ksksk

  14. DragonSoup says:

    The weird ant creatures look like they're dancing to the music!

  15. Angry red tribal out for revenge!

  16. I want Videogamedunkey to play this please…

  17. MarjahTGE says:

    This game is so cute having ahh

  18. Army of Ninjas says:

    If it weren't for the shooting this would be a sure buy for me. As is, nah.

  19. Jennifer Holling says:

    "I like both of these game ideas, but we only have the budget for one…"

  20. RealTalk PH says:

    this is nice for kids, this is like a PlayStation 1 vibe but better graphics.

  21. Ziggurat says:

    Конкер На Максималках

  22. Looks like we're finally getting that cancelled Agent 9 game. lol

  23. Peter 123 says:

    Animals with big Weapons.
    Reminds me of Fur Fighters.

  24. Hi_Nu Ver 0 Zero_Tester says:

    This is what Dawn of mana should have been,with this graphic

  25. valhalla811 says:

    Better graphics than halo Infinite

  26. willy jugan2 says:

    Nee conker Bad fur day?, Jajajaja

  27. Dream-Piper says:

    Don’t know why, but this game reminds me of Bugdom.

  28. fiach mccarthy says:

    Getting real Jet Force Geminai vibes with this one.

  29. blou h2o says:

    Somebody have full soundtrack?

  30. Hassan Ghanim says:

    Is this a Ratchet & Clank spin-of?

  31. CinekTrance says:

    Its looking like Spyro

  32. zL_Outlaw says:

    Is this co-op?

  33. Kyle Stupimann says:

    Pew pew pew bang bang bang

  34. gaabjoga says:

    Oq vcs vêm: olha que jogo lindo de Plataforma

    Como eu vejo: isso é um jogo do Dreams?

  35. Zero pássaro says:


  36. Benigmay Gmay says:

    Now ps4 look like have many experiment games

  37. gamewizard2008 says:

    I'm guessing it was somewhat inspired by Conker's Bad Fur Day? That's the kind of vibe I get from it. Either way, looks interesting, we'll see if I get it.