The Amazing Spider-Man 2 | Available now on PS4 and PS3

Sehen Sie sich dasjenige Videospiel The Amazing Spider-Man in Schritte an. …


14 Antworten : “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 | Jetzt zum Besten von PS4 und PS3 verfügbar”

  1. First I Think Not says:


  2. Juvy Olarte says:

    dang it i cannot the ps4 spider man in the ps3 ;-;

  3. Koke Kodoro says:

    What the hell happened to this game? It's not available on PS Store, and it's quite hard to find a physical copy in europe!

  4. TheShotgun_ Kid says:

    2020 anyone

  5. Rory Gallagher says:

    Looks cheap…

  6. chris bennett says:

    I need this game in my life lol

  7. commando_man_1 says:

    Who's actually going to buy this rubbish

  8. commando_man_1 says:

    I'm so sick of Spider-Man movies and games, STOP

  9. Watcher One says:

    The original spiderman 2 game on ps2 was the best spiderman game ever. Despite the budget the game was on, it turned out to be a pretty amazing experience for a ps2 game based off of a movie.

  10. fahed zailaa says:

    Is there psvita edition

  11. Chris KJ says:

    I've played it and it is really a disappointment. The first Amazing spiderman game was better. I bought it and played it because i really like spiderman. If you really want to play it, dont have too high expectations 🙁

  12. Ayman Raakin says:

    It's almost been a month since this game came out and you're uploading it now! #WTHPLAYSTATION!!

  13. Ayman Raakin says:

    It's been almost a month since this game came out and you're uploading the trailer now! #WTHPLAYSTATION

  14. Sagem .moddoholic_vxrtl says: