The *BEST* FPS Boost Guide In Fortnite! - Dramatically Improve Performance!

In this video, I show a few tricks I’ve been using to my boost my FPS in Fortnite. One of the biggest problems with Fortnite is how poorly optimized it is and how hard it is to attain good stable frames. In stacked end games with tons of builds everywhere, even the best PCs in the world struggle to get more than 100 FPS. Luckily, there are many ways you can help your PC and console get better frames, which is what I show in the video. Weltall the tips and tricks are either through the Fortnite in-game settings for both console and PC, or through your Nvidia and Windows settings. Nothing requires a sketchy download or program like many of the other tutorials to boost your FPS do. Hopefully, whether you’re on PC, Xbox, or PS4, this video will help boost your FPS and improve your game’s performance. With more frames, your game will feel better, look smoother, and you’ll get less input lag. The settings range from the best Nvidia driver, to the best Nvidia settings that pros use, to different Windows 10 and Windows 11 optimizations and tweaks, to even the best in-game settings like performance mode on low meshes. Let me know if this helped improve your FPS as it is currently the Best FPS Boost Guide available in Fortnite!

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0:00 Introduction
0:46 Graphics Drivers
4:07 Best Nvidia Settings
7:40 Windows 10 Graphics
9:02 Gaming Settings
9:55 Startup & Regular Apps
11:18 Power & Sleep
12:36 High Resolution Textures
13:49 Low Meshes
15:54 Conclusion

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