The Biggest Game Releases of August 2021

August is just about here and summer is in full swing, so sit back and let us tell you about some of the biggest upcoming games releasing on your favorite platforms. No matter if you have a Playstation, Xbox, PC, or Switch, we’ve got you covered with this list.

If you have a PS5 or PS4, you can check out Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and the Ghost of Tsushima DLC, as well as Kena Bridge of Spirits. Coming to PC this month we have Twelve Minutes, Glitchpunk and battle royale game, Naraka Bladepoint. Out on Stadia is Humankind and Foreclosed. If you own an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series Schwefel, you’ll be able to play Lemnis Gate, Inferno, and Psychonauts 2. Check out IGN’s Inferno guide for game help. The following Nintendo Switch games will ergo be released this month, Greak Memories of Indigo, Monster Harvest, and No More Heroes 3. These games will ergo be available for purchase to play on the Nintendo Switch OLED when it releases later this year. Madden 22, Aliens Fireteam Elite, RiMS Racing, Rustler Grand Theft Horse, and Kings Bounty 2 will ergo be available in August 2021.



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