The Crew 2: Game Updates and Season System Preview | Ubisoft Forward 2020 | Ubisoft [NA]

Dreh die Motoren an – es gibt viele neue Inhalte im Store! Ab 25. November könnt ihr für Motorflix in eurer eigenen Show mitspielen – seht euch die erste Folge an….


42 Antworten : “The Crew 2: Spielupdates und Vorschau aufwärts die Spielzeit | Ubisoft Forward 2020 | Ubisoft [NA]”

  1. NLpolitiebarryagent says:

    Kan na het event nog de car komen of niet

  2. Jonas Labanauskas says:

    Can add lada to crew 2 for memes

  3. Alland Faris says:

    Hello ubisoft can you add Volvo S60 Polestar and Volvo V60 Polestar and the 2019 Volvo VNL from FIA European Truck Racing Championship (2019) to The Crew 2

  4. wilson Hendrianto says:

    How is that the crew 2 to the end the November 2021

  5. Lemon juice XD says:

    They need to add Toyota supra MK4

  6. Someone says:


  7. When will Ubisoft fix turbo sounds bug? For example R34 has twin turbocharged engine and i don’t hear that

  8. Gracias voli por el video 😉


    does anyone know how to invite ur friends bc i see ppl say go to roster but i dont see a roster

  10. Ethan _ says:


  11. Jay Andrews says:

    I would love to see better 4wding.

  12. Thomas Fry says:

    Pls stop being lazy and actually release some new cars instead of different versions

  13. bob ree says:

    I used to not like crew 2 that much because I couldn't get the sirens when I did police rp but now I live it I got the update yesterday

  14. Doug James says:

    I’ve watched this about 8 times it’s sooo great hehehehe

  15. UkPowerful says:

    NIce movie, when you have some gameplay footage, please let us know. And you know we DO expect some new gen graphics, right?

  16. maik asmussen says:

    the prices on shop not nice if i buy all items i dont have i spend here 25.000 cc and there and the bugatti with 2 effects cost nearly allready 30€ so you spend per week 40-50 € for items and bundles and the month have 4 weeks so you per month at 150-200 € what you spend for items that you not have.. to much definitiv 🙁 and summit cars please for all users chance tho get – make from older events the cars in shop buyable or put it on some events at gold rank… i never get platin.. and much much more users allready not…

  17. Magma UST says:

    police AI PLS

  18. Miguel Xtreme says:

    A tip could have how to turn off and on the headlights of cars and motorbikes

  19. Miguel Xtreme says:

    will there be an open world police officer at the crew 2?

  20. somerandomdude says:

    Only what we need isTOYOTA

  21. Tomek chlopczyk says:

    when will leave the crew3?

  22. ILMAN8710 says:

    I hate the crew 2 when i race my car turn by itself

  23. Hey Ubisoft It's cool wenn you make a Range Rover

  24. 00 Eric 00 says:

    I would enjoy a Canada or Mexico map dlc

  25. stimmt nicht es kommt nicht am 25.11 es kommt am 12.11.20

  26. Jennifer Lamphere says:

    will we be able to buy the police cars

  27. NES CRUZ says:

    @thecrew please add secondary colors special in the jesko koenigsegg one the Bugatti divo and more

  28. blakedmc1989RaveHD says:

    The Crew 2 releasing more content and updates faster than Cyberpunk releases

  29. knight sword says:

    make force feedback center wheel! xD

  30. Hakumy AHD says:

    Am not trying argue about the game it’s fantastic but the problem where are the mirrors

  31. MŁODY KHALIFA says:

    Still waiting for the Bmw e60 m5

  32. J Ruwaard says:

    There should be a rolling coal feature

  33. Komoda Chan says:

    Drift version jdm cars

  34. Komoda Chan says:

    S15? Japanese cars ..

  35. Komoda Chan says:

    We need more jdm

  36. Fishx BoneXx says:

    What is the car at 1:18 ? Anyone knows?

  37. Gameis Life says:

    When would y’all ad the mclaren 720s and 720s spider ?

  38. Are there going to be better bikes coming out anytime soon? Or at least new ones?

  39. LessiBaby says:

    Will the Crew 2 be optimized for PS5?

  40. And yet I still won't be able to restart my progress

  41. RoCkOutPlays says:

    Are you guys thinking of adding a MASS ROAD TRIP RACE WITH OVER 50 cars

  42. al west says:

    North American Ubisoft can you please add Tucson Arizona