Till the Clouds Roll By (1946) Romance, Musical, Biography Color Movie

Biographie des Komponisten, Broadway-Pionier Jerome Markröhre. Markröhre, welcher in den USA nicht gen Anhieb siegreich sein konnte, suchte Einhaltung im Ausland. Gereist nachher ….


12 Antworten : “Till the Clouds Roll By (1946) Romantischer, musikalischer, biografischer Farbfilm”

  1. Richard Catherwood says:

    I am a bit puzzled by some of the comments…..there was a hitch at the beginning…..but this passed and for me got lost in the telling of the story…..such a bunch of great lyrics and tunes…..you would have to be stone not to moved.

  2. Mohamed El Amine CHRAIBI says:

    Thank you for fixing the sound problems and reposting the movie again.

  3. la précieuse vérité says:

    Merci de l'avoir traduit de l'avoir mis en ligne quelle belle brochette d'acteurs et d'actrices dont Judy Garland, magnifique dans ce rôle une excellente comédie musicale et romantique.

    Bonne journée et cordialement


  4. Josiane de veillon says:

    i L A DES SAUTES DE SON !!!! dommage !! the sound cut on !!!!! sorry

  5. Barbara Crook says:

    Won't bother to listen, since Lena Horne seems to be muted.

  6. Sweet Pea says:

    So annoying you have the sound cut out when key songs are playing. Lena Horne’s version is the silent. Shame on you

  7. Kim Husbands says:

    So… why are all the people of colour songs muted out of this video? I wanted to hear Lena. A showboat musical rendition with all the best singers and songs cut out. Can not like or subscribe to this.

  8. Cherry27851 says:


  9. Diane Knight says:

    YES ? Ruined Also including Old Man River Ruined entire film RUINED

  10. Interesting how the colored singers were muted.Why?

  11. Liana Soares says:

    7:11: She looks like Judy Garland & her voice sounds like Snow White.

  12. Diane K says:

    Why is Lena Horne's song muted at 14:20???