Squid Game Episode 1 "Red Light, Green Light" Reaction & Review!! - FIRST TIME WATCHING

Wir starten eine neue Show !! Dies ist eine Folge von Squid 1 „Red Light, Green Light“. In welcher Hoffnung, leichtes Geld zu Vorteil verschaffen, stimmt welcher gebrochene und verzweifelte Gi-hun zu, dass …


27 Antworten : “Tintenfischspiel Folge 1 "Rotes Licht, grünes Licht" Reaktionen und Bewertungen !! – ERSTE ÜBERWACHUNG”

  1. Dos Cavazos says:

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    -Watch our reaction to Ip Man 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNdE342O8AA

  2. Justine Röseler says:

    ah the guy has a very good idea with the ''people watching and bedding on them'' 😉

  3. Subhi Jassim says:

    Squid game is not fun it's for young people childhoods and moms and dads whatever people said I have a child they don't even care but I just kill and kill but there's a big giant girl she counts in the game is red light green light and whatever someone moves they die when she says she counts and counts counts and counts so that's three players has to play tug of war if someone falls down they die and someone wins they don't die bye the store is over!!!!!!

  4. Sourabh Ror says:

    wow how did you gues betting on horses thing, you were right

  5. Valentin Ivanov says:

    The series reminded me of anime "Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor"

  6. abbie blocks says:

    "I hope nobody panicks"

  7. Renaldy Mokalu says:

    Please react to TV Series from Netflix called Alice In Borderland Season 1, too. This series released in 2020 and have a similar stories like Squid Game

    Trailer 2: https://youtu.be/EEJ7nUvXUYA

  8. thunder boy56y says:

    The fear of a life and death situation that gives you money gives all the excitement I need

  9. thunder boy56y says:

    I would love to be in a game like this

  10. PurpleHaze says:

    You have to watch Alice in borderland when your done with squid game. Its kinda similar but in my opinion its better.

  11. there's a Japanese movie almost same concept but it's a game with the gods. It's a gory movie.
    Title: as the gods will.

  12. Site

  13. DigiCount says:

    7:25 "I don't want to say he has a gambling addiction"

    Very kind, but holy heck this guy has a gambling addiction. Man stole money from his old mother to go to the horse races, and the fact that she changed the pin means he's done this before.

  14. Squid Game is a good series. The plot isn't unique but they show made the right decision of focusing on the character developments and motivation. The series is very reminiscent of a 2009 Japanese movie titled "Kaiji: Jinsei Gyakuten Gēmu". The players are the same >> gamblers / people who have monster debts they can't possibly pay on their own. The two even share the same game (almost the same) – GAME 5.

  15. " I thought they were gonna start with the fingers" oh honey no we r not doing that here hahah

  16. If there's a real Squid Game going on right now there are lots of desperate people would definitely join this event and that's scary if you think about it.

  17. danna danna says:

    Go to Netflix they have an eglinsh version

  18. Ross Moore says:

    I saw the series and it was straight up like "The Running Man" back in the day.

  19. Juan Ruiz says:

    You no it's in English right

  20. Curt Crowley says:

    This one makes the people kill other people on their own will

  21. Daydream Believer says:

    Oh Gang Woo is in this. Anything he’s in is good.

  22. I like your reactions. ❤️

  23. GDbassMaster says:

    If you want to see the acting of the main character in this drama, be sure to watch this. DELIVER US FROM EVIL 2020



  24. SutcliffeRed says:

    If you guys like the whole Death Game genre then you should check out Alice in Borderland. Also super interesting

  25. ktp페이퍼 says:

    Mugunghwa kkochi pieossseubnida.

  26. Killua Zoldyck says:

    alright BULL SHIT ya'll watched this beforehand

  27. أريج المالكي says:

    Where can I watch a squid game movie?