Squid Game Episode 2 "Hell" Reaction & Review!! - FIRST TIME WATCHING

Dies ist unsrige Reaktion hinauf „Hell“, Folge 2 in Squid. Die Partie teilt sich hinauf, ob die Wahl fortgesetzt oder beendet werden soll. Im Gegensatz dazu ihre Wirklichkeit in welcher Außenwelt mag zeigen ….


19 Antworten : “Tintenfischspiel Folge 2 "Hölle" Reaktionen und Bewertungen !! – ERSTE ÜBERWACHUNG”

  1. Dos Cavazos says:

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  2. ixsicness says:

    There is only 1 bad directorial choice in this show but even that works in context

  3. Really loved your reaction, looking forward to next reaction

  4. Curt Crowley says:

    The main character has a good heart. He fed that kitten with a fish tail.

  5. I'm already watched full series but just watching your reaction is so fun as a Korean!
    Thanks to reveiwing this movie.

  6. Congrats on 100k subs!

  7. Fallen Devonish says:

    Her hair looked nice today.

  8. 오징어겜

  9. Whiskey Soda says:

    This is the best series 2021..

  10. Just to give some background, life in South Korea is really tough.

    The rich are very rich, and the poor struggle everyday to make ends meet. Classism is huge over there, rich people treat poor people like shit.

    They really adopted America's style of capitalism and took it to a whole new level.

  11. Chapri_from _Chapra says:

    I hope its not a spoiler.
    You said how can someone work there.
    There is a theory remember the man with whom he played the game of flipping paper.
    Those were red and blue.
    What would have happened if he chose the red paper?

  12. south korea has a lot of films that directly depict or are analogies to the effects of hypercapitalism and late stage capitalism in SK. just like the participation of workers under capitalism, there seem to be a "choice", you can "choose to/voluntarily" take on a job or not (for example), but its not a real choice. its a false dilemma forced onto people, either work and be abused putting yourself at risk and harms way for a deal that might not seem worth the risk, but if you turn away, you'll face almost certain death (starvation, debt, etc). i'll probs refrain from saying more to avoid spoilers, but yea i dont see this as "voluntary" but more so using coercion to get them to sign away their bodily rights

  13. Muteki Man says:

    Congrats on 100k

  14. 김유신 says:

    추리한번해볼게요 이 두분은 오늘 처음본사이에요
    유트브 회사에서 섭외한거죠 이장소는 뒤에 장식보시면 알다시피 회사 장식품입니다
    제목도 한글이죠 저두분은 한글 모를걸요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  15. Justin Potter says:

    awesome rivewers!

  16. Yoni Rais says:

    the title of the episode "hell" refers to the players lives outside the game

  17. Ep1 is just warmup. To me ep1 was little boring. I almost thought of quiting. Now I feel very lucky not to do it. From ep2, the series is so
    amazingly engaging it's impossible to get out. The best drama series in decades.

  18. Ricardo Martinez says:

    Please react to Alice in Borderlands if you like these type of "Death Games" shows.

  19. I’m not done with the series yet but this episode stood out so much to me. They completed went away from the norm by actually bringing our main characters out of the game in order to truly show the harsh reality of their lives outside and why they would even consider this in the first place. I was in disbelief when they acc followed thru on the democracy. Great show n great reaction.