Squid Game Episode 5 "A Fair World" Reaction & Review!! - FIRST TIME WATCHING

Dies ist unsrige Replik hinauf die fünfte Folge von Squids „Ritterlich World“. Gi-hun und sein Team schützen intermittierend die ganze Nacht. Maskierte Männer treffen sich…


22 Antworten : “Tintenfischspiel Folge 5 "Eine gerechte Welt" Reaktionen und Bewertungen !! – ERSTE ÜBERWACHUNG”

  1. Dos Cavazos says:

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  2. 류해리 says:

    Thank you . Good contents :). From southkorea 고마워요 너무잘보고잇어요 ㅎㅎ

  3. Terrence Nazare says:

    I think some of the masks are past game winners. This has been going on since the 80s

  4. 김성도 vlog says:

    The squid game is very popular.

    Have a good day.

    I am a Korean YouTuber

    Squid Game Episode 5 is fun.

    (=오징어 게임이 인기가 대단하군요.
    즐거운 하루 되세요.
    저는 한국인 유투버입니다
    오징어 게임 5화 재밋네요.)

  5. 따로또같이 says:

    15:40 What a sharp eye! I couldn't imagine anyone notice the mission number one in this file.

  6. Siwoo Park says:

    집에가고싶다!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 샤워하고 자고싶다

  7. Franck Sygney says:

    That theory makes no sense cause why would they treat the guard like garbage?…and than kill them so easily?

  8. 토끼토끼 says:

    이 양반들 오징어게임으로 뽕을 뽑네.뽑아

  9. Akira Kaneda says:

    I kept relooping at 2:57 and I found a small detail on the old man which proves that he’s more than a regular contestant

  10. did u say jihan?

  11. Xavvierr says:


    I'm surprised how much attention to detail I missed about how the old man is apart of hosting the games, like how in the files it skipped the old man and how when he was in the nighttime fight shit they stopped the killings when the old man screamed he was scared

  12. Not gonna lie, you noticed a key detail.. . And excused it. Oop, I-

  13. Smiley Face Emoji says:

    Love this reaction just subscribed

  14. 금보따리 says:

    ♥허경영♥대통령후보 공약 =>코로나 긴급 생계 지원금 100,000,000 (1억원) ,국민 배당금 매월 1,500,000원 지급,국민을 사랑하는 ♥허경영♥이 가정경제 살린다.,,..,…

  15. I've watched the show already, and i'd say that this guy's theories are awesome, really close

  16. Gil Ho Choi says:

    Korean called south korea hell itself but hell is north korea by control force kim jong un dictator

  17. XaviierM says:

    Amazing reaction as always!

  18. Bred Eleven says:

    Loving these

  19. Dongjun Oh says:

    I surprised when you recognized and said 'where is the old man?' ㅎㅎㅎ

  20. jonathan lee says:

    love your reaction

  21. 이수연 says:

    This is the fisrt reaction channel that I subscribe! Thanks for good videos!

  22. Rowell Cadorna says:

    I'm excited for them to know where his brother is!!!