Squid Game Episode 6 "Gganbu" Reaction & Review!! - FIRST TIME WATCHING

Dies ist unsrige Reaktion gen die Folge von Squid 6, „Gganbu“. Die Spieler paaren sich im vierten Spiel. Gi-hun steht vor einem moralischen Dilemma, Sang-woo entscheidet sich ….


19 Antworten : “Tintenfischspiel Folge 6 "Gganbu" Reaktionen und Bewertungen !! – ERSTE ÜBERWACHUNG”

  1. Dos Cavazos says:

    Watch our full length watch-a-long reaction on Patreon: https://bityl.co/8xu0
    We ate like anime characters for 48 hours! Watch that video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6eS4HKYZCo&t=574s

  2. TexasTom Boe says:

    but if u win, do u have to sell organs? all winners are rich…

  3. I hope it won't happen in real life
    I'm from Vietnam

  4. Wow. This movie is fascinating. I hope it won't happen in real life
    I love you guys, I'm from Vietnam

  5. 전투오소리 says:

    노인은 게임에서 빠지려고 소변을 본것처럼 물을 흘렸다 소변장면에서 빈물병이 있기때문이다 성기훈이 자신에 옷을 주자 노인은 1번이 적힌 옷을 준것은 성기훈을 살리기 위한 행동이였을것이다 1번은 죽이면 안된다는 운영진에 지침이 있었을것이기 때문이다 허나 성기훈은 노인에게 파트너를 제안해버림

  6. toomuchtime says:

    Do you understand that is when you add all the marbles together that the number Hass to be odd or even, and then whoever picks one takes all the marbles?

  7. Rick Bowen says:

    The rules stated that when you get the other players marbles, you pass. I thought that they just were going to exchange marbles so that both people could pass…

  8. Joon Yi says:

    I don't think this is their first time watching this. She's guessing what's going to happen every time

  9. John Locke says:

    Finished this episode and then immediately watched your reaction. Holy crap. Cannot wait watch the rest of this show. At this point in the the show I'm convinced that 456 will not win.

  10. Lucas Acuña says:

    i dont belive anymore in this reactions they always knows what is going to happen or have an idea… Fake reactions to me, missed the drunk Rick and morty ones.

  11. 알맹이 says:

    간부 X -> 깐부 O

  12. Anonn Nymous says:

    Sang woo is a character depised this episode.

  13. I Like the theory but the theory is wrong since Seong Gi-Hun wins and is let free so it’s kinda wrong but he is invited back to squid game.

  14. After Life says:

    Dont cry for someone someone yet wink wink

  15. Reinventing says:

    I was bawling my eyes out this whole episode, holy shit I havent cried that hard in a longtime

  16. Am I the only one who thinks the woman looklike a character "Love" in "YOU"

  17. faureamour says:

    This is the absolute worst episode! Just me crying the whole second half.

  18. 박정기 says:

    Why all the people, I wonder if they're crying watching this scene… ㅠ.ㅠ I'm crying too, you guys are crying, and I think it's worth watching our Korean drama…Did you have fun?Please look for it a lot.Something more fun than this. There are so many… Instead, tears…Hold it… haha. Have a nice day. From one Korean.

  19. Audrey Vasquez says:

    The name "일남” (il-nam) is more meaningful in Korean. 일 means "one" and "남” is short for "남자” which means "man" . il-nam is the "number 1 man"