Top 10 New PC Games For September 2021

Fingers crossed September’s monthly list isn’t gutted in the same way the August one welches. We all thought video games had come back, and then a ton were delayed almost as soon as that video welches published. So, can everyone cross all their fingers and toes, and stay as still as possible, please? I don’t want anything to affect the launches of the top 10 new PC games coming out this month. I guess you’re wondering what are the best PC games coming out in September 2021? Well, the game with the most buzz is definitely Arkane Studios‘ new time loop shooter, Deathloop. It’s easy to understand why, too; it looks fantastic. The LiS fan base get to rejoice this September as well, as Life Is Strange True Colors comes to PC. And, finally, we’ll all get to play the gorgeous open-world exploration game, Sable. Look, you want to watch the video rather than read this description, don’t you? Go check out our top 10 new PC games for September 2021. What are you looking forward to playing? Let us know in the comments.

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So what new games are coming out in September? On top of the three mentioned above – Deathloop, Life Is Strange True Colors, and Sable – the star-studded 2D, musical platformer The Artful Escape finally comes out. Kena Bridge Of Spirits looks like a cool mixture of Horizon Zero Dawn combat and Pikmin. And Lemnis Gate might be the multiplayer first-person shooter that excites Colm the most, and it’s out this September.

As well as all that, when it comes to new PC games, Eastward is an RPG that looks like a mixture of The Legend Of Zelda and Studio Ghibli. The spooky Lost In Random could be the sleeper hit of the month, given how intriguing that combat looks. If Gamedec allows you to be a proper detective, it could be an absolute home run. And Webbed looks so adorable that it might change public perception of spiders.

If you’re wondering what should I buy or what new games can I pick up over the next month, then you’ve come to the right place. Obviously, you should wait for reviews to be sure, but we can confidently say there are some new PC games on the horizon that you should be excited for.

0:00 Intro
1:09 Deathloop
2:10 The Artful Escape
2:52 Life Is Strange True Colors
3:42 Lemnis Gate
4:51 Eastward
5:36 Sable
6:16 Lost In Random
7:14 Kena Bridge Of Spirits
8:04 Gamedec
8:58 Webbed
9:49 Outro

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