Top 10 October Games - SURPRISE Broketober!

Dieser Zehnter Monat des Jahres ist verrückt, hier sind 10, hinauf die ich mich freue. Irgendwas Neues! Wenige Frauenzimmer, allesamt aufregende Top 10 Zehnter Monat des Jahres-Spiele – Dieser Monat ist gestapelt Jeder meine Sinister ….


30 Antworten : “Top 10 Zehnter Monat des Jahres-Spiele – ÜBERRASCHUNG Broketober!”

  1. FeelingVeryAttackedRN says:

    I do feel like it gets pretty annoying and sanctimonious for journalists to explore the political meanings of games simply to be the one with the hottest take, that being said as someone whos both a gamer and extremely into politics/history I find it immersion breaking when games like Far Cry attempt to weave a story based in a political reality, but either dont take the time or allow the writers the space to fully capitalize on the parallels between the games story and what its based on/referencing. For example, saying "these enemies are the nazis" and then just relying on the players/societies views of what that means to fill in the narrative gaps.

    My specific concern being that the revolutionary history of the global south is one of deeply complicated political turmoil: the easy and overdone way to reference this is to create a caricature of a human being as a defacto bad guy dictator (ie Tropico, but make it "serious"). I would hope they really take a deeper dive into what revolution means in these areas, what counter-revolution means, and what enemies/fighting look like. Morality aside better stories make better games, and better historical understanding makes for better (more accessible) stories.

  2. 8:38, we just gunna ignore this??

  3. Yunie Corn says:

    don't care about any of them. i guess i need a weeb version of this list with a ton of cutesy jrpgs! 😀 but it's fine, really. i got so many games to play still. i am glad if i get a breather for a little while. and so is my onion leather wallet!

  4. Captiosus says:

    Metroid Dread is the only one I have preordered. Everything else is wait-and-see.

    Alan Wake: Loved it when it first came out despite its foibles, but kinda over the trend of getting facelift remakes so will probably pass. Far Cry 6: We already know what to expect with that game — the same thing we've seen with every Far Cry since FC3, except it seems to also be aping a bit from the Just Cause series this time around. Riders Republic: I tried the open beta that was out and it felt like Steep and The Crew had a one night stand and pumped out a deformed baby. Guardians of the Galaxy: I want to wait and see what launch day impressions are before I consider it, especially after the two bungled launches of The Avengers and Outriders.

    Edit As for amiibo… I solved that issue by just tossing my scruples in the trash and buying not-so-legal amiibo NFC cards. Sorry Nintendo, I'm done with the overpriced plastic figures with artificial scarcity nonsense. I have the amiibo I wanted to collect (sans Rosalina, who I can't find). Everything else I buy NFC cards for.

  5. Jesse Heitman says:

    3:20 I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that

  6. John Smith says:

    Alan wake, the ultimate underrated gem.

  7. PiquedFlow says:

    Wow Metroid borrowed HEAVILY from Shadow Complex!

  8. palegod says:

    I really hope Remedy had the sense to get rid of the idiotic requirement to play through the whole game twice to get the full story of Alan Wake. I only played the PC version so at least there was the option to unlock Nightmare difficulty (which wasn't actually hard anyway) from the start via the dev menu, but this time I want to play it on Series X.

  9. potatoeOnRooftop LPs says:

    one and one thing only: metroid dread! So excited 🙂 have a good one dude <3

  10. Max Gerhardt says:

    It’s lookin like just Samus for me dawg. Maybe far cry when on a mid deep sale

  11. Max Gerhardt says:

    I really didn’t enjoy Alan Wake when it first came out and I don’t know why. I was a huge Max Payne fan and was really looking forward to Alan Wake releasing but I found it so underwhelming

  12. Clockworklemon says:

    Anyone else miss the original Far cry and getting tired of Ubisoft generic open world crap?

  13. Glenn Karikari says:

    There's too many games coming out but I'll be getting, Far Cry 6 and Disco Elysium on Switch. Still have to beat Tales of Arise.

  14. Well ACG… none. All of those games are not my cup of tea. Except Metroid but I won't buy a Nintendo console just for Metroid.

    But of course I have a list of games for october: Baldurs Gate 1 and 2, Icewinddale 1, Torment 1, Mortal Shell, Pathfinder 1 and 2 and last but not least No Mans Sky.
    So you see, I am covered till Jan/Feb 2022 ^^

  15. TheZanzibarMan says:

    Alan Wake is on my list, the expansion of CONTROL had me craving this.

  16. Pajeet Singh says:

    Buying none.

  17. All of these games are a pass for me. There's dozens of indie games out there, which traded graphics for awesome gameplay.

  18. Godzilla says:

    Far cry 6! Let me guess some tower climbing big open map I take over camps hunt animals for upgrades and a dictator is the big bad guy? Did I nail it? Lol

  19. André Brown says:

    Far cry and demon slayer I'm excited for! waiting to see if guardians of the galaxy is buggy or not.

  20. INTROVERTED Mii says:

    Whatever Nintendo does it’s way better than what EA did with SWBF2’s multiplayer. Amiibo’s are dual featured. Collectible figurine that has an in game function. Super excited for Metroid Dread!
    I’m getting FC6. I really hope it doesn’t disappoint. I’m very worried about GOTG. I don’t know if it’s going to be good. It looks good so far, but that’s it.

  21. Idriss Merahi says:

    All of these sound great (still sceptical about Guardians). I've already bought Metroid Dread and I'm pretty sure its all I'll be playing this month

  22. I think I'd actually get into GotG… eventually.

    Reminds me a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's combat system. Which is weird (also not 100%, just enough).

  23. Crim Rui says:

    Alan Wake and Metroid 5 is a must buy. Only have money for thise. Shame I skipped Lost Judgment last month, but will get on it one day.

  24. Chris Faust says:

    I love how you just brush past Fifa as a non-player lmao sameee sameee. Amazing video as always!

  25. Battlefield! If it went back to its roots, I'll be so happy with it

  26. K Little says:

    Stopped using my Rift VR when the megalomaniacal Facebook mandated that I had to have a Facebook account to use it. So no RE4 VR for me.

  27. Cactusjake23 says:


  28. Kyle Robinson says:

    You always knock it out of the park and continue to step up your game! Great Episode!

  29. TomLikeA Bomb says:

    Really looking forward to Resident Evil 4 VR!

  30. Hipiticlivi says:

    I only care about Dying light 2, and I'm not sure about it because of the problems in development. But the first one is the best first person melee combat to date.
    Myself I'm also interested in Inscryption from the creators of Pony Island. I've played the demo and I can't wait.

    Also on a negative note, I hope people don't get tricked by Back for Blood. It's a buggy version of L4D, no improvements, terrible performance and sus mechanics for the ingame shop. And a big investment on streamers to make it succeed, as much as I love L4D I hope they get punished again (like in Evolve) for their antics.