Dreams | Release Date Trailer | PS4

Wenn dasjenige kreative Ereignis von Media Molecule zu Gunsten von PS4 am 14. Februar 2020 erscheint, nach sich ziehen Sie unglaubliche kreative Werkzeuge zur Hand: ….


33 Antworten : “Träume | Zeitpunkt des Release-Trailers PS4”

  1. I could make a little nightmares 3 and T rated terminator game in this

  2. Maud Van Goud says:

    I love how they used the song "Run Boy Run" from Woodkid

  3. Tristan Korthals says:

    The guy that put Root-R in the thumbnail…

    Fukn Legend

  4. NinjaWolf says:

    I have only played LittleBigPlanet3 because I only have a PS4 but after watching this video knowing it’s made by the creators of LittleBigPlanet I want to go buy a PS3 and play LittleBigPlanet

  5. RpgBlaster says:


  6. MetalGeekSolid says:

    The real Game of the year 2020. I just bought it and it's a really fantastic concept. Thanks Media Molecule for this masterpiece that will go down in video game history.

  7. This is like a video game factory

  8. incorres says:


    Sony: Sure……

    Everyone: LETS GOOOOOOO

    Sony: …….In your dreams

  9. Sneaky Spike says:

    There are 2 types of people

    The ones that have dreams on their ps4
    And the ones who have ps4 on their dreams

  10. Kayleigh Haines says:

    Pc please

  11. RpgBlaster says:

    Il still waiting for Dream on PC

  12. wet


    If they were fr about building a community u would think they wouldn’t have made it PlayStation exclusive

  14. - Carota - says:

    "Playstation Only" And in one sentence, he broke me.

  15. RamiCrafy says:

    I don't regret owning a PS4

  16. Don Quixote says:

    Please release this on PC !!

  17. R3B3L10US_TY says:

    Such a good game, though I wish I knew what the name of this song on the ad was. Such a badazz rhythm. Anybody wanna tell me?

  18. Gta6 is finally here!

    In your dreams

  19. isaac huan says:

    what's the game on 1:10 ? somebody pls tell me

  20. alexander liam montefalco says:

    Hey Guys! Download Dreams In Ps4 Or Ps Vita!

  21. Percy Rogers says:

    Can i do c#? if not i’m better off with unity still.

  22. Its JaiJ says:

    I want this on xbox

  23. mini bloke says:

    Best trailer of all time

  24. Bonnie FazRabbit says:

    It's look soooo cool

  25. im just waiting for the "run boy run"

  26. Saimon Gamer Boss says:

    pls this game on Nintendo Switch!

  27. Name of the music "run boy run"

  28. The Hateanator says:

    The soul of Little Big Planet lives on

  29. Henry stickmin stickmin says:

    What's the music here?

  30. Chef Dumas says:

    Comment ça a bidé en même temps il s'attendaient a quoi sur une plate-forme ou le jeux le plus joué c'est fifa

  31. Richard Dolan says:

    I had forgotten how much The Little Big Planet community meant to me. I feel overwhelmed with emotion after watching this trailer and realizing that that “dream” is still alive, and better than ever.

  32. Rob therobotics says:

    oh oh i have Dreams!

  33. youz boner says:

    Me: dreams haha lol….. ok

    My brain: dream? you mean the Minecraft player dream