THE MONSTER Trailer (2016)

Offizieller Trailer zum Lichtspiel „Monster“ 2016 | Bestellen ➤ | Lichtspiel Zoe Kazan #Trailer | Veröffentlichung: 11. November 2016 ….


41 Antworten : “Trailer DAS MONSTER (2016)”

  1. falseicon says:

    Not as good as I hoped

  2. Fruit Loopes says:

    did a 5 year old make this trailer?

  3. Eleftheria Eleftheria says:

    One of the best 10's horror movies! It's atmospheric,scary,and very creepy!

  4. EvilNecroid says:

    i was going to watch this but it looks like the trailer just spoiled it

  5. Dangya Town says:

    Underrated movie!

  6. Robert Peševski says:

    The girl vs. monster: 1:0 Excellent Horror!

  7. Dicke Bone says:

    ich kacke gerne in mein bett

  8. Mothership says:

    can someone pls tell me the name of the song ?

  9. jayne mayden says:

    Seen it ,its crap.

  10. J.k Phoenix says:

    I saw this….. just saying you might cry

  11. BlvckAnubis says:

    what the Name of the musiktrack

  12. That Damn Guy Again says:

    White People…always on a backroad in the middle of nowhere lol…

  13. Jyunus Djack says:

    Awesome movie, must watch! Great actors with great acting. From the director of the strangers.

  14. Alliu Boyo says:

    The girl ended up lighting it on fire with spray and a lighter

  15. mauricega1 says:

    I read some decent reviews on this …they must have been drunk 2/10. Though acting was good, so was the last coffee.

  16. What a dimwitted plot. At least someone FINALLY showed a female paramedic when it came time to die. 99.9% of the time all the paramedics shown being killed are males in movies. Despite a large number being females. Really sexist. They only show female paramedics when they are not going to die. Same with cops.

    **********SPOILERS AHEAD*****************

    Really inane plot. The little girl is out in the open with the monster right behind her and it doesn't strike. It apparently prefers to rip it's victims out of vehicles after smashing through the windows. Prefers canned food to food on the hoof I guess. And it can be thwarted just by shining a flashlight in it's face. So why didn't they just take the flashlight with them and both run for the road? It even waited patiently while the girl said a long goodby to her mother. How considerate. It apparently is really flammable as well. A quick burst from a spray can flame thrower and it is totally engulfed in flames and continues to burn. That would have been more believable had she thrown some gas or alcohol on it first.

  17. thecultguy says:

    Why the fuck are there ads during the movie trailer?

  18. LTS_FOREVER _ says:

    I just got done watching this movie on DirecTV Pay Per View wasn't worth the $11 to watch it early btw it's not an alien.

  19. So.. the "Alien Predator" monster bit the wolf and the poor wolf try to survive and was hit by a car….
    OMG.. Call 911… Green peace… The Avengers…

  20. HYPE WARRIOR!! says:

    Looks scary I wonder if thier using animatronics

  21. Ichi Capeta says:


  22. Crypto Earn Legit Webs and Application says:

    please if anyone know any link to this video please provide me i want to see this movie thanks

  23. Roland Taylor says:

    Don't people get bored with this crap?

  24. Klyde Marmasett says:

    I need like, 28 movies like this. There are nowhere near enough good monster movies in this world. Stuff is ripe with samples for metal music too. I love it. Keep em coming.

  25. PointingOutObvious says:

    1:52 Yes folks, it is an Alien monster from the movie Alien.  Where's Ripley when you need her. That girl needs a blow torch and not a torch.

  26. broomers3 says:

    Great sound effects.

  27. swallowedinthesea11 says:

    The older sis deserved it.

  28. bon aquarell - Videos mit Biene says:

    huh? The Monster looks like the alien from the alien movies, doesn't it?

  29. Opinionated_one says:

    Oh please….Really

  30. Stone fresh says:

    they're so fu*k

  31. Alucard says:

    YAY! There needs to be more monster movies.

  32. E Smith says:

    So much for the safety of the car. They might have been better off covering them selves in dirt or feces from that dead dog and making a run for it.

  33. jaime eduardo lastre alvarez says:

    whoa whoa whoa me gusto el tráiler

  34. that dog ran over by the car was the monster(werewolf's) baby. shocking surprise, now roll credits.

  35. NewGeo-T850 says:

    bigfoot well on steroids

  36. stavcaesar says:

    such an original title. such wow

  37. Kings Advisor says:

    Glad to see modern monster movies go back to puppetry

  38. Call for Witcher, we have monster over here…

  39. 2ddude96 says:

    thank you trailer. Now i know not to get too attached to the mother 🙂

  40. Austin 555555 says:


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