Offizieller Trailer dieser Serie „OA“ 2016 | Bestellen ➤ | Ellewillow Campagna #Trailer ansehen | Veröffentlichung: 16. Monat der Wintersonnenwende 2016 ….


41 Antworten : “Trailer THE OA (2016)”

  1. ꧁❶ Mia ꧂ says:

    My friend Elle appeared

  2. Jason Price says:

    Currently binge watching…So many layers …lol

  3. East Ern says:

    wataw storey

  4. East Ern says:


  5. What boorish twattle.

  6. Abeer Ramadan says:

    What the name of the music ??

  7. Season 2 needs to come <3

  8. Abeer Ramadan says:

    What name of the muisc

  9. Tim Tam says:

    It finally gets interesting at the end of episode five

  10. Elaine Cochrane says:

    Why are people calling this a movie? It's a tv series.just like IT by Stephen king.People say that's a movie.was never a movie.not yet anyway.

  11. Elaine Cochrane says:

    I've just watched first 5 episodes back to back then had to Google the plot line.It says the people held prisoner are in another dimension.I know I've got 3 or so more to go and already I feel like I'm wasting my time.Sliders was by far the best for me anyway.

  12. Joonsspoons says:


  13. Jay Jay says:

    She was abducted by BILL COSBY.

  14. Lizbeth Valdez-Morris says:

    Netflix needs to hurry up with the next season !!

  15. j Chant says:

    Very much the same tone of the "Sound of my voice" which Brit Marling (also starred in) and the other guy wrote too. Except that movie was about a woman who claimed to travel through time. But in the end never gave the audience any real answers just left it open for everyone to decide whether the main character is telling the truth or if she's crazy . I hate those types of endings. Not fulfilling. So I hope that is not how they are always going to writ e their stories; to always string the viewer along only to leave it open ended. At least the hbo show the leftovers promises some real closure and answers for their final season. Maybe someone can just give me spoilers?!

  16. CarrieBrooks says:

    i hope its not a series that never ends…like Lost

  17. AnEnemy100 says:

    I enjoyed this film. It was interesting.

  18. Duckddaddy says:


  19. S Juventina says:

    Now this was my kind of series!! Anyone know any other good ones?

  20. Darren McDaid says:

    Woman with severe mental health issues teaches people how to dance. Seriously anyone comparing this bollocks to Stranger Things is mentally unstable. What a load of nonsensical rubbish. *SPOILER ALERT KINDA* The OA stands for Original Angel you decide.

  21. Brilliant show 🙂

  22. Luke Cooke says:

    Amazingly good show.

  23. SkyEarthOcean says:

    So far as I can tell, this is a show about a mentally ill woman who forms a cult with 4 high school kids and their teacher. lol

  24. Matthew Hembey says:

    fucking loved it

  25. airbubble says:

    More of an 8 hour long Black Mirror movie than Stranger Things actually. This series is very gripping. As they say trust the unknown, be keen to every details because it will mindfuck you and question the reality and not. It's that good.

  26. CrayCray RayRay says:

    They need to hurry and make a season 2

  27. Cleicy Rodrigues says:

  28. Juanito Gonzalez says:

    hershel from the walking dead

  29. Scorch428 says:

    Brit Marling is an amazing person, and her writing is really great too. If she helped write this, then I'll watch it.

  30. elysiumcore says:

    wtf is this ?

  31. michael brogden says:

    luved it bring on season 2

  32. Liz Lanza says:

    I just watched in all in one night I fucking love this…. I cried and was just fantasizing how much I was into this.

  33. Rafael Ortiz says:

    Alfred call Batman! Batman always win

  34. kelva perez says:

    I really recommend this serie it is wounderful very nice done.. I liked it…

  35. naseem sk says:

    pablic comment

  36. Almustarb Alkhalawy says:

    More amazing package

  37. Robert Thorpe says:

    Watched the first season. It started out good, the first few episodes were intriguing, unique. and interesting. However, the last few episodes, we really never learn anything and the show sorta dies off. Its good, but with the different lengths of episodes, from 30 minutes to 45, it gets annoying. I may watch the first few episodes of of season 2, but it better pick up.

  38. Grouchy says:

    I just watched this start to finish… wow I don't go out of my way to leave reviews but this is just wow! what a great fuckin show! a must see. starts out funky. muscle through the first episode. after you're done you can watch another good one from Netflix (3%) great show!

  39. Cheryl Perrotta says:

    I can't wait until more of my friends watch the show so I can discuss it! I found the pacing a bit slow at times but the story itself is quite gripping. I found the acting to be exceptional; like Stranger Things, I found the younger actors in this show to be particularly good. I'm still thinking about the show hours later, so that's a good sign!

  40. Ceissa Medy says:

    Hummm… Hershell didn't die…

  41. john gonzlez. says: