HOUSE OF GUCCI Trailer (2021)

Offizieller Trailer zum Gucci-Streifen 2021 | Subskribieren ➤ | Trailer zum Streifen Lady Gaga | Version: 24. November 2021 | Mehr ….


31 Antworten : “Trailer zu HOUSE OF GUCCI (2021)”

  1. Neel .H says:

    Casting director: How many academy Award winner or nominee's do you want?
    Director: yes!

  2. Samiksha Kalura says:

    I m sure lady gaga is ready to win oscar for best actress in this film

  3. guttie ortigoza says:

    Gucci products will sky rocket when they see them in the cinema

  4. Sierra Miles says:

    Thanks for sharing. Like cover tunes? If you have a minute, I just recorded an acoustic cover of Ed Sheeran. As a fellow music fan, I'd love if you'd check it out. It's on my page. Hope you like it!

  5. George Romao says:

    In greed or giving do we trust.

  6. Ryan Jackson says:

    I cannot wait to see this !!

  7. Ian Henderson says:

    Bad Italian Accent: The Movie

  8. Enrico Gagliardi says:

    I live in Como, and I see in the trailer Villa Balbiano on Como lake, wonderful scenario for this movie, however as far as I know Gucci family comes from Florence and lived in Milan.. Anyhow, it is a wonderful sponsoring for Como, thanks.

  9. Francis Noir says:

    Still remember this song from the Gucci by Gucci perfume advertisement ❤️

  10. Mar Bet says:

    The accent is weird

  11. Albe Belt says:

    Let me explain one thing: the Gucci family in Italy is like royalty. They started with a small shop in Florence and then they hit the ground running all over the world. They are regarded as good, classy and elegant people. They showed the world what Italian style means. This trailer looks like a snl parody on Italians … following absurd stereotypes. It's like seeing the nanny from Gone with the Wind, you know? It turns out cringe.

  12. Jennie Marie says:

    I wish Lady Gaga would begin being put into Goddess and Historical Greek and Roman movies because she’s The IDEAL goddess type

  13. Linea Go says:

    Solo con giotto

  14. Ario G. says:

    Never likes gaga as a singer. She belong to the movies

  15. FreeBird says:

    I don't care if they gave her an oscar. She's a bad actress.

  16. chris d says:

    Kylo goes all Bling 😉

  17. Vince Pena says:

    Used to work at a Farmers market years ago. All kinds of people use to shop there. Quite a few Italian immigrants, and they sounded like this. I think people seeing a large american cast speaking with Italian accents is what's throwing people off. It did for me, the first time I watched it.

  18. youme1414 says:

    Why is Russian accent common in Hollywood? It sems to be in most movies.

  19. taylana is the music industry says:


  20. Francesco D says:

    Italian story, production and actors from Hollywood.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  21. Levar Mitchell says:

    They got my boy Adam Driver looking like Raoul Silva

  22. PaperVisions says:

    I want to see the movie but the trailer is trash

  23. Hector eugenio Marin Muñoz says:

    This movie will be the best of the year !!!!!!!!!!

  24. Mike Turik says:

    0:27 Is that Adam Driver?

  25. S. Franc says:

    These movies never work out of Scott. It will be terrible.

  26. Yeremiah Yhisreal says:

    what was the song

  27. Stefan Ackermann says:

    after watching this trailer i've suddenly turned into patrizia reggiani and i'm italian and have an attitude and no one can tell me otherwise, because i don't consider myself to be a particularly ethical person, but i am fair.

  28. Lunch at Marco's says:

    The main thing about this for me is the aesthetic and I bet the playlist will be great (probably won’t go watch it though lol)

  29. J Pérez says:

    Is about Gucci?, it seams that is about Academt winner and nominates!!!

  30. laurie strode says:

    looks badass

  31. They got everyone to speak American English with a bad Italian accent. This has all the potential to be a big flop with a big cast just like Cats.