Offizieller Trailer zum Streifen „Cars 3“ 2017 | Subskribieren ➤ | Owen Wilson Streifen #Trailer | Veröffentlichung: 16. Rosenmonat 2017 ….


36 Antworten : “Trailer zum Streifen CARS 3 (2017)”

  1. Kugekira 2021 says:

    0:18 the best engine sound

  2. Gab91Builder games and more says:


  3. renuka yogarasan says:

    cool et petites

  4. Love Chargers says:

    Dont you just hate it when they changed the trailer

  5. Majitel Rodiny says:

    lightning crash looks like burnout revenge for ps2 😉

  6. Majitel Rodiny says:

    i know the crash did not stand sunny the crash happened night 😉

  7. Majitel Rodiny says:

    i know why lightning mcqueen crash lightning its legends racer its veterans its old its grandpa and jackson storm its new generation racer its rookie racer and thats it 😉

  8. Shyanne Dadd says:


  9. peter johnson says:

    W░a░t░c░h░ ░C░a░r░s░ ░3░ | ░M░o░v░i░e░ ░2░0░1░7 No Registration @

  10. Ean GS Yerbic says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am sick of seeing this commercial of Cars 3 even I want to see it at the movie theater and comes out on dvd

  11. maicol supremo says:

    maico de cars 3

  12. maritza cortes says:

    Esta padre

  13. Fahima Darare says:

    I feel bad

  14. Tartaglia says:

    stil more hiped for attack on titan s2

  15. Milo Baseball says:

    Why is there 1k dislikes

  16. Mat Fenn says:

    cars 3: the last kachow

  17. Emo Trash Shop says:

    I don't think I can watch cars again without thinking of this now…

  18. Jacob1027 Jacob says:


  19. nigbits says:

    directed by michael bay

  20. I dont like to see him dead :C

  21. He will be like Doc Hudson and why he is in an accident? The answer is here McQueen didnt change his tyres again …

  22. Alex Dimaculangan says:

    Is McQueen going retire ?

  23. A Random Guy says:

    mcqueen shall die!!!

  24. Tommydreamer1 says:

    I'm going to see this movie

  25. Charles martinez says:

    McQueen is going to be a electric car

  26. Itz_Finny says:

    Does anyone know when Cars 3 is coming out? Like the exact date?

  27. fabulous lightning mcqueen :v says:

    i got a question

  28. fabulous lightning mcqueen :v says:

    i a question will mcqueen retierded

  29. VZ Gordo says:


  30. TheAnnoyer says:

    When did Disney become so dark?

  31. Podkedd 🙂

  32. He crashed because the Fire nation attacked

  33. Johnny Martinez says:

    well my life is ruined

  34. Jenny Gregorio says:

    mc queen was crash because of the tire

  35. Thomas Rynsburger says:

    Change down exception civic rose consumption cluster final.

  36. does lightning McQueen have life insurance or car insurance?