Portal Knights - Announcement Trailer

Lassen Sie die vertraute Welt hinter sich und eintreten Sie mit Tunnelportal Knights dasjenige fantastische Unbekannte. Bestellen Sie YouTube-Gaming! …


21 Antworten : “Tunnelportal Knights – Ankündigungstrailer”

  1. Bazsesz 81 says:

    So with my friends we found some bug's like: If you sit down with a weapon in your arm and you look down you will see that weapon but its so small Other bug or not bug: As a druid you use shadow gazer and than go to One of the normal bosses and you can go to the floating land's My friend's:RADICAL,*Cyberfighter* And me:New world

  2. Maxbura Qasanova says:


  3. EscapingTheRealWorldGamer says:

    Kiddie games are awesome
    For all ages.

  4. Felipe Ignacio Huneeus Henríquez says:

    I played this game with a friend in his X Box One its amazing i will buy it for my nintendo switch

  5. EscapingTheRealWorldGamer says:

    in a world where you could build whatever you want wherever you want it to be and when ever you'll feel like is in your head
    creativity and

  6. Juan Gutierrez says:

    Well this just looks like Minecraft with extra steps.

  7. Grave_Plays_YT says:

    All my progress is gone

  8. Mace Windu says:

    Whose here after games with gold?

  9. Jurassic Bread says:

    It’s no terraria, but it’s better than Minecraft

  10. Jurassic Bread says:

    People saying this looks like a Minecraft rip off. Yeah no. It’s not. And it’s definitely not a rip off if it’s better than Minecraft

  11. Jurassic Bread says:

    The music is absolutely amazing. Great job to the Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra

  12. Lorde Raveno says:

    Não é bem um clone, isto é um estilo de jogo: sandbox e crafting. Minecraft teve um ideia genial em criar um jogo com tanta liberdade, não poderia ser o único, pois logo haveria de ser adotado seu estilo para outros jogos se até o publico procura algo similar, e este jogo faz juízo a demanda

  13. This is a cooler version of Minecraft but with a story.

  14. 24yrukdesigner says:

    Love this game!!! Minecraft with goals.

  15. 24yrukdesigner says:

    Portal Knights > Minecraft > Robollox

  16. Aloan Moreira says:

    so now it is this against the upcoming Hytale 😀 cause Minecraft loses for both. Which will win? i say Hytale wins! because you are free to create whatever in it!

  17. Shinrai says:

    It's the year 2019 and this game has been forgotten

    Because it was mostly dislikable…

  18. Geiloxo says:


  19. Daniel Rocha says:

    ¿It is similar to Hytale? :v

  20. IKenKonradI says:

    Minecraft+Diablo=PORTAL KNIGHTS

  21. Ben Knight says:

    "these peaceful realms were different once" and now they look like something out of minecraft