Dieses Video behandelt 14 Verkäufe des Nintendo Switch ESHOP, die Sie jetzt kaufen zu tun sein. Dies sind großartige Spiele und wir empfehlen sie. Ein weiteres Video aus dem E-Shop kommt. …


19 Antworten : “UNGLAUBLICHER Nintendo Switch ESHOP-VERKAUF!”

  1. onlyforrent says:

    Breath of fire lV

  2. Ten Maxima says:

    The Nintendo Switch is a better video game console than the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

  3. Donnell Kane says:

    I’m so glad he made it to 1st place

  4. Antony2618 says:

    Bought warlock and terraria lets go!

  5. chapman fx says:

    Animus = dark souls + infinity blade

  6. Kohn Futner says:

    @11:21 I hate that music playing for bee simulator. I hope that's not the in game music.

  7. Kohn Futner says:

    Project warlock looks like a old style doom+ duke nukem mashup. Seems a bit pricey @$9 considering nukem and doom of that variety tend to hover around $4.

  8. KAZAMI KAZUKI says:

    What game on thumbnail?

  9. FrostedReaction says:

    Bee simulator is literally n64s buck bumble, but without guns.

  10. Joe Yuuki goddenflash says:

    Which region?

  11. Felipe Pernambuco says:

    project warlock doom

  12. Snoopy101x says:

    I wouldn't buy G.I. Joe for $0.01

  13. Gamer Dad says:

    Animus gives me dark souls vibes

  14. M Giebus says:

    Calling this sale incredible is a stretch

  15. Flower N64 says:

    Project Warlock has to be my pick

  16. Geoffrey Perrin says:

    Is project warlock good?

  17. So Animus is like a Souls/Monster Hunter mix? Is it any good?

  18. Hot Girls Video XXX says:

    Any ink stains are not good

  19. roland reichenbach says:

    best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, warface, crash drive 2 and 3, nfs hot pursuit, Worms rumble, grid autosport, super bomberman online, apex legends