The Sims 3 Official Trailer

Seien Sie die Sims. …


29 Antworten : “Welcher offizielle Trailer zu Die Sims 3”

  1. still better

  2. Die Gefahrraffe says:

    It's 2021 and The Sims 3 is still my favorite Sims Game

  3. The Sims: Roaing Heigts says:

    Start from very good game.

  4. Ilham Budi Abdillah says:

    I'm saving money until October to buy this. I really miss this game.

  5. Ugh I love this game so much.Sims4 is dead to me

  6. 2021 and still the best sims ever how i miss the good ol days

  7. •No u• says:


  8. Everyone is complaining about how bad the Sims 4 is. Which I agree is god awful. I played it for a bit when it first came out and hated it so just stuck with playing the Sims 3. I haven't had anything to miss.
    If you all hate the Sims 4 so much why are you still playing it? Go back to playing the Sims 3. It's clearly so much better.

  9. Chloe Gulley says:

    Omg please give us the sims 3 back. I’m sick of sims 4 already. None of the expansion packs hit like they use to. There was so much more gameplay in the sims 3

  10. Unpopular opinion but I think sims 3 is better than sims 2

  11. Personality over emotion lol

  12. adrian clarence nazareno says:

    2021: still playing it because its the best in the whole series..

  13. Osaka LPS says:


  14. FarkhenVX ツ says:

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Is The Anniversary Of THE SIMS 3!!!!!!!!!!!! x2

  15. TikTokatit'sbest says:

    Sims 4 is better

  16. 『ItzJen』 says:

    my mom got me sims 3 instead because it was on steam and she was having a hard time getting sims 4, so I have sims 3 lol

    omg i just realized it's on steam omg omg

  17. Bad English sry says:

    11 years later, still steep prices. That ea for you lol. Sims 3 store is still rocking its prices

  18. Dave Albright says:

    If you compare only the base games of each Sims era. Sims 4 is a heavy downgrade

  19. with love, anj says:

    Sims 3 set the standards too high!

  20. ANM Pixel says:

    Ja se passou 11 anos e The sims 3 e The Sims 2 ainda são mais divertidos e melhores que o The sims 4

  21. Glamour Koizora says:

    Every now and then I come back to these trailers for the nostalgia. Arrgh if only they fix the glitches in sims 3. ,ಠ_ಠ

  22. kto z 2021?

  23. Vonnie Daniels says:

    Even though i played it still. i HATE the sims 3. Sims 4 and Sims 2 are the best

  24. It feels like the people who made sims 4 never played sims 3 🙁

  25. Anyone else spend thousands of hours playing this when they were younger and this is like nostalgic asf. Can’t we go back to when this was the newest sims out there


    0:37 The Sims 3 predicted the Queen's Gambit

  27. Kirama Gaming says:

    Im the first to get recommended

  28. EmmyButterfly says:

    The sims 3 came out when I was 1!!

  29. 12 years later…still better than the sims 4