Will Saints Row 5 Be On PS4 & Xbox One? Or Only PS5, Xbox Series X & PC

Saints row 5 (auch the new saints row game) is coming. Will saints row 5 ps4 xbox one gameplay and nintendo switch exist? Or will it be only ps5, xbox series x and pc? The saints row 5 trailer gameplay OR announcement hopefully in 2021 will let us know. Once the questions: What happened to saints row and where is the new saints row game are answered, we will find out if saints row ps4 and xbox one will happen or if the new saints row ps5 xbox series x pc exclusive. Will it be called saints row 6, saints row v or something else? Will we get a new saints row switch? The nintendo switch should not be forgotten for deep silver volition and THQ nordic new saints row xbox series x, xbox one, ps4, ps5 and pc open world video game. Once we see saints row 5 news, gameplay reveal announcement or a trailer – we will know more info for saints row 6 auch saints row 5 auch saint row v

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Hintergrund: Saints row 3 remastered gameplay on PS4


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