Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot VR - First 19 Minutes Of Gameplay

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27 Antworten : “Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot VR – die ersten 19 Spielminuten”

  1. Sander Helsen says:

    Looks like these poorly animated fake games you would see in a movie as background in a scene

  2. Richard bunt says:

    This game is Good it dose require a new up date as this game is supper cool more lev are needed

  3. DGMUSICisGOOD says:

    12:15 when you sleep with a girl without a condom

  4. kingeling says:

    The animations look like shit

  5. Karl III says:

    Haha the jws hate against nazis still.. Omg, theyre really trying to make people hate nazis, but theyre already gone 80 years ago.

  6. Med Otaku says:

    First 19 minutes?

    Isn't that half the game?

  7. Whats with the flamethrower!? Doesnt the mech have any guns wtf?

  8. ji-hun Lee says:

    How to download this to free cost?

  9. How I can make hashtag on my video?

  10. Uğur can says:

    Woww yeni wolfenstein

  11. Tahmid Hassan says:

    Looks bad

  12. TheVanillatech says:

    That FOV though! What is it? 60? 50?!?! It's like you only have one eye and it's located in the center of your face.

  13. Oink Boink says:

    What is this utter garbage? Youngblood in vr? Omg..Bethesda just close your trash studio. Please..

  14. Azraltarux says:

    This is the worst game from the series. A total failure! Can't wait for Wolfenstein III

  15. johnny enconecter says:

    Give it a rest Bethesda, Leave Wolfenstien alone! Whats next huh? Wolfenstein youngblood remastered for next gen!?? I think we all know who the real nazi are…

  16. This looks trash, but it might just be your recording device. I might get it

  17. John Avy says:

    Just make a full wolf 3D classic game in VR cmon

  18. Carlos T says:


  19. Samir Das says:

    can this be played with out vr in a pc ?

  20. Anton Smushkevich says:

    Only one boring weapon and trow staf with bad animation? no thanks.

  21. Akhilesh Sharma says:

    they spoiled my favourite video game franchise

  22. it looks blury in the distance …

  23. TheBlackbirdii says:

    is this running on low end device ?

  24. Jin Ho MIN says:

    metacritic 5.5….ㅠㅜ

  25. Rubber Duck says:

    Shame how average this is after how awesoem DOOM VFR now is

  26. Matthew Lake says:

    Did they have just 1 or 2 people working on this?

  27. Connor Haenlin says:

    This looks super disappointing