World of Tanks Blitz - Teaser Trailer

Werfen Sie zusammensetzen kurzen Blick aufwärts World of Tanks Blitz. Kommen Sie nicht mehr da unsrige Kanäle: Funktionen und Rezensionen – Gameplay und Tutorials ….


25 Antworten : “World of Tanks Blitz – Trailer zum Trailer”

  1. r.m.s carmania says:

    The man playing on his tablet be like: this is normal. (*Until a tank was a about to end his life until he realized that was was controlling it

  2. Sakary Ouk says:

    I wish can control tank like him but is maus and jgpz E 100 and E 100

  3. Flacky On Blitz says:

    Bruh they used a Easy 8 as the Sherman firefly

  4. HKM Chu Tien Thinh says:

    bruh sherman firefly und m4a3e8 :))

  5. Leopard 3402 says:

    They really had to show a stock tiger at the end bruh

  6. Leopard 3402 says:

    He has AirPods- I mean earbuds in he can’t hear us

  7. jeffrey adrian says:

    This enemies tanks looks like bots

  8. Кирилл Цехмистренко says:

    а я в 2021

  9. wot_2014 gaming says:

    Who else was watching this in 2014

  10. Enes Bruh says:


  11. MARKOVOCHKA says:

    666 лайков мне хона

  12. MarkTheFox says:

    Damn, i miss old Blitz.

  13. john plays wot blitz says:

    I played that

  14. Pelawak says:

    Я который смотрит в 2020: •_•

  15. Tri Pham Minh says:

    wowww hahahahahahhaha

  16. Operation: LMP1 says:

    If you remember this, you deserve a veterans discount

  17. Grey Greens says:

    Someone get their tiger tank -.-

  18. Maria Gomes says:

    Happy Neww year !!! 2020

  19. DrNeoCortex says:

    Haha..gud one

  20. Jeff194 says:

    Tf that JgpanzerE100 speed

  21. Hmm • 69 years ago says:

    Already dead game

  22. Good old trailer xD

  23. PikaAhoy says:

    i wish the tanks are in real life lmao

  24. Marzena Rój says:

    Wow haha 😀

  25. Dániel Nagy says:

    Wot still sucks. Nuff said