Xbox One X Thermal Paste and Thermal Pads replacement. Cooling system cleaning. Best explanation!

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Pro Tech Toolkit:
Thermal paste:
Grizzly Kryonaut:
Arctic MX-4 Thermal:
MAKE SURE YOU BUY Grizzly thermal pads from MemoryC or Titan Rig shops!
Thermal pads:
Xbox One X Fan:

I recommend installing these SSDs:
Crucial MX500:
Samsung 860 EVO:

Xbox Originaldokument Controller:

Controller Silicone protective Skin Case Xbox One Schwefel/X:

Steuerknüppel stick Xbox One Schwefel/X:
LB RB Button, LT RT Triggers, buttons, 3D Stick Potentiometers for Xbox One Schwefel/X:

Originaldokument 3D stick potentiometer:

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